“The summertime, when we fell in love it was/The summertime,when heaven shined on us it was/The summertime, baby there is nothing like/The summertime (summertime) oooh oohhoo…”Beyonce, “Summertime”

So every summer I see pictures of beautiful Beyonce luxuriating, tanning, and eating…


…at some lush resort in a remote part of the world. Out of any other celeb, Beyonce knows how to hang by the beach in a super stylish way!
Let’s take a look:
Beyonce flaunts her amazing body in string bikinis in shades like lime green…

…classic black with turquoise jewels…

…and flattering yellow.

While she may be a bit scandalous/slutacious poolside, she keeps it demure elsewhere by sporting cute sarongs…

…flowing pastel cotton skirts…

…embellished tunics…

…all topped off with cute accessories like sun shielding straw hats.

Got a vacay coming up soon? Channel Bey with the following items:

Top Row: Paisley Print Tunic, $55, www.bloomingdales.com; Diane von Furstenberg Bursano Rose String Bikini, $112, www.saks.com.
Bottom Row: Small Solid Amagansett tote, $20, www.jcrew.com; Ladies Straw Hat, $6.50, www.target.com.
Now just pop on a pair of embellished flats and have some fun in the sun!
PS So a few readers commented yesterday that they don’t have problems finding plus sized clothes in their hood. If your town has the plus sized market on lock, write a post about it! Send me your own real style diary. E-mail me at th************@gm***.com.
PSSS Didn’t hit up T. Reese or Shoshanna… Did you go? Was it worth it? Should I work it?

4 thoughts on “Get the Look: Beyonce on Vacation”

  1. though i prefer Kelly to Beyonce, no one can deny that Bey is (almost) always on point. I am always amazed at how she amazingly gets away with wearing things that I never thought would look good on someone with her curves. Kuddos to her and to you Claire coz i’ve definitely been inspired by this post. I’m off to the beach now, lol.

  2. Thank you for not being one of the sites that always hate on Bey. Give the girl credit….

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