So after we published pics of Nicki Minaj’s Complex photo shoot, a few eager Fashion Bombers got in touch asking me to do a Style File on the up and coming rap sensation. One particular fan, Francesca, said, “Thank God for Nicki Minaj! It’s so refreshing to see some originality in style and music. I LOVE HER!!!!!”

Of course I had to see what the buzz was about, so took to the ‘net to find some fashionable pictures of Nicki in her myriad outfits. Unfortunately, the only official pix I could find were of the ‘backshot’ variety:


You can barely concentrate on her Louis Vuitton boots with all that derriere/spandex action!

I then took to Twitter to ask people for pix.  This is what my tweoples sent in:




Cute, but…tight, low cut, spandexed, and exposed…is this our newest ‘refreshing’ style icon?


She has turned up her chic factor lately, rocking a cute lace dress with electric blue heels for a performance last night with Robin Thicke in NYC:

Nicki Minaj Fashion Style

And snaps to her for pulling off that two tone pink and black hair!

But in general, her Rated R style is too reminiscent of Lil Kim to bode well.

Check out her video for Itty Bitty Piggy:

What do you think?

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