Fashion Week is over here in Paris, and it’s time to sit back and reflect on the fabulous fashion on and off the runway.

Ubercelebrities Rihanna and Prince (among others) were in the City of Love for the festivities, and both came out in their best designer sponsored duds to sit front row. Rihanna has been said to take slight style inspiration from Purple Rainman Prince, so we thought it would be fun to have the two trendsetters go head to head in a style showdown.

Who turned it out the best for Paris Fashion Week?

Prince Rihanna Style Showdown

For the Chanel Show, both went for a light color palette with Prince opting for head to toe gray ruffled glory and Rih representing in white and light blue with pearl accents…

Prince Yves Saint Laurent Rihanna Jean Paul Gaultier

The two favored black, with Prince rocking a gold sequined black jacket for Yves Saint Laurent, and Rihanna in black collared cut out top for Jean Paul Gaultier…

Prince Rihanna Style Showdown Front Row

And both brought their short slick cuts and dark sunglasses to the front rows of John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld.

Both were hot, but who shut it down?

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14 thoughts on “Style Showdown : Prince vs. Rihanna”

  1. I know I’m biased and I may be aging myself (mid 30s), but really there is no competition between Prince and Rihanna. Prince is a style icon. While Rihanna is making her mark (I guess) I don’t see this as any competition at all. Prince for the win!

  2. No competition. Prince is a TRUE style icon. Rihanna had her ‘style’ given to her; she wears what people tell her to. Prince is one of a kind.

  3. got to give this to price, the first man ever to proudly strut in plat form heels.(other then superfly lol)

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  4. Imma give it to prince …that red blazer did it for me! I didn’t care for ri ri’s pieces this time

  5. I believe Prince dresses like this when he goes to bed therefore he OWNS it! I agree with Connie3, Prince is a style icon and truly one of a kind! :)

  6. Sorry, but I’m going to go against what everyone is saying and say Rihanna had it going on the entire time she was in Paris for fashion week…….Prince looked hot too, but Rihanna has won this “Style Showdown”. Hands Down!!

  7. Is this real life? Are you guys truly comparing/contrasting a man with a) more originality in the base of his cane and b) over than 20 years of CONSISTENTLY eccentric style…to Rihanna? A thousand times no. Nuh-unh. Not even. No competition.

  8. LOL to MsCoLo’s comment! but you know that’s the truth. Prince all the way! (C:

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