Hey Bombshells!
So last week I was in Fashion Week Madness and totally couldn’t get to Mail Bombs;( This week I’m rested up and ready. Are you?
Let’s go!

First up, Tawanda says, “Everyone wants to know–well at least I do–about this fantabulous shirt Ms. Washington is wearing!”

Kerry Washington Catherine Malandrino Sheer Ruffle Top

“…It’s gorgeous.”
According to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Ms. Washington is wearing this Catherine Malandrino Fall 2009 Ruffle Top:

Kerry Washington Catherine Malandrino Sheer Ruffle Top

Visit www.catherinemalandrino.com for store locations!

Princesse says, “Hey guys can you plz tell me where I can find black pants like Kim Kardashian?”


“I lovvvve them!”
Get Kim’s contrast look with these fun options:

In another Kim K Mail Bomb, Lluckie asks, “Can you tell me who makes this dress?”

Kim Kardashian Antik Batik Gold Sequin Erin Dress

According to several sources, Kim is wearing this Antik Batik Erin Sequined Plunge Back Dress:

Kim Kardashian Antik Batik Gold Sequin Erin Dress

The dress comes in gold and silver and…is sold out everywhere. Hit up Ebay.com for a chance to buy it on auction.

Kristine says, “I LOVE the color and texture on Solange’s dress.”


” Do you know where i could get a more affordable lookalike?”
We couldn’t find a similar dress, but you can get her look for less than $100 with these chic separates:

In a Male Mail Bomb, Twan says, “Where can I get Jay-Z’s shades?”

Jay Z Cazal Shades

According to Upscale Hype, Jay is wearing these $500 Cazal 607/Doubledown NYC Sunglasses:

Cazal 607/Doubledown NYC Sunglasses

Get yours at www.cazal-eyewear.com.

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Tabatha says, “I’m attending my 1st Fashion Show ever and the theme is “Image is everything.” It’s going to be in Chicago this month so the weather will be cold. The color theme is pink,black, white… I wanted to wear something ” Old Hollywood” but I’m not sure what! I do want to wear a high waisted skirt to accentuate my small waist. Help me please. I’m open to any looks I just want to be stylish!”

Hey Tabatha! When all else fails with fashion, make sure you turn it out with eye catching, extraordinary accessories. Make heads turn with a fly shoe, a clutch in a bright color, or statement making earrings–let your clothes act like a chic yet simple canvas for all your outstanding accoutrements. Get a fun look with the following:

That does it for today! Stay tuned for more celeb style and looks for less!

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  1. It’s refreshing to see the “young-ins” wanting to wear looks that many of their parents wore in the 70’s and 80’s and attempting to make it their on. And to think that it took Jay-Z and Chris Brown to bring back Cazals and Ray-Bans as fashion accessories for the Hip-Hop generation is amazing, even when many people criticised their choices for doing so. It’s a shame that so many people don’t realize that style is an individual choice and not one that people make when people don’t like what their wearing. Roc on Jay-Z!

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