Divas Mariah and Rihanna (Mimi and Rih Rih) showed that black on black is always chic, stunting in all black outfits for the launch of Vevo last night in New York. Similar outfit combinations are easy to pull together, but the trick, as the stylistas show, is to pile on tons of amazing eye catching accessories:

Style Inspiration Black on Black is Chic

Rihanna Mariah attend Vevo Launch in New York

For an after work mixer, pair an empire waist belted top with a pencil skirt, and slide on platform pumps and tantalizing jewelry:

3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration : Black on Black is Always Chic”

  1. Outside of Rihanna’s shoes I actually like Mariah’s overall from head/hair to toe. She even looks a bit more youthful this than Rihanna this time around. I think the act that I just have not been feeling Rihanna’s new hair all too much. It just is not working nor has it grown on me.

  2. Love Rhianna’s look nice to see her covered up and subtle. One of her best looks. Not feeling Mariah’s she seems to be so uncomfortable.

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