“Me and Paris and the girls are trying to stay single for one year. In March, that’ll be up. I’m a relationship kind of girl, but I think that everyone needs a year in their life to be single.” Kim Kardashian in Complex Magazine

Happy Monday Guys!
She’s been in the news lately, so I decided…why not do a Style File on famous Hollywood harlot…

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian?!?
She might be known as a loosey goosey, but she’s got a sexy swagger than no rapper can deny.

You might be wondering: Who is Kim Kardashian?? Well, she’s the daughter of Robert Kardashian, one of the lawyers for the infamous O.J. Simpson trial.

Another interesting bit of trivia (care of Wikipedia.com)…her stepfather is Bruce Jenner, father of Brody Jenner…who has been on several reality shows including the Hills and Princes of Malibu.

So she was born into Hollywood society, but secured her spot through ties to heiresses like Paris Hilton and reported trysts with hotties like Reggie Bush and oh yeah, Ray J aka ‘Isn’t that Brandy’s brother?”
With her social set, it would make sense that she’d spend a pretty penny on hot ‘fits.
Kim makes her mark in body hugging dresses and short sets characterized by sweet heart and plunging necklines….

…She likes lycra, doesn’t she?
While she dabbles in a bit of color…

…For the most part she keeps it pretty sedate in demure whites, grays, and blacks….

If you want her look, you’ll only need an unlimited supply of ‘Freakum Dresses’:

Top Row: Strapless Sweetheart Dress, $24.80, www.forever21.com; Satin Skort Tube Romper, $118, www.ardenb.com.
Bottom Row: Just Cavalli Fox Print Dress, $625, www.eluxury.com; LaROK Glitterati Dress, $139, shopbop.com
PS Read more about Kim Kardashian in her interview today with hot goss site www.bossip.com.
PSS In other news, Nicole Richie might have to turn in her sista card…

Read the story here.
Thanks Pretty Girl!
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16 thoughts on “Style File: Kim Kardashian”

  1. Kim Kardashian has a decent sense of style but the freakum dresses coincide with her loose non moral persona. The only outfit of hers I would actually wear is the gray short set and the Black pant suit. Other than that, I’ll leave the “freakum dresses” to the no class freaks i.e. Kim K.

    BTW, I love your blog Claire! Have a great week.

  2. Kim K’s body is amazing, and that almost gives her license to wear whatever she feels, but lately she’s been taking it a bit too far. I wish she would work or something so that we could have an excuse to actually talk about her.


  3. ugh. i have to agree with above. i think her attitude and morals sort of overshadow any fashion sense she has. she is not creative. she wears the same tight, skankerific dresses all the time. the special thing about the freakum dress is you “pull it out when the time comes” – not wear it everyday. gah! i like kim k as inspiration for club wear (SOMEtimes), but in general, i would not want to emulate her style.

  4. Who cares about her “loose non morals”. Her style is being profiled. Kim has a great body and knows what works for her. She’s definately someone I always check for. Thank you for the profile.

  5. everyone’s beautiful, in their own way. Claire covers the gamut, doesn’t she?

  6. Well I’m more interested in the freakum dresses and where I can get the tight fitting dresses, the ones you have there is cute but it doesnt really look the same or close to her’s. Can you find more thats tight and fits woman’s curves

  7. Yes, Kim is another Paris Hilton, known for a sex tape and that’s about it. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really have any style sense because like previously stated she’s always wearing the skin tight mini dresses. The way she dresses, acts and who she’s seen with (Paris, Reggie Bush) is all an ACT. She just wants to be famous but has no actual talent that would make her famous. She waers the tight dresses so we can do exactly what we are doing-TALKING ABOUT HER.

  8. You should have style filed sex tapes, that is the only reason we know her and her bff paris hilton, they aren’t exactly know for where mini dresses and brand name outfits.

  9. I think everyone is missing the point here. The issue is not her morals it’s her style. And I do think Kim has a definite sense of style that plays up her assets and her curves. Her clothing is no tigther than things Beyonce/Rihanna/Ciara or any Hollywood starlet may be wearing. Just a thought.

  10. I totally agree with most of you. Kim’s sense of style or lack thereof is overshadowed by her skanky no talent ways.

    @ Natalie, if you’re a fan who always “checks for her”, then you’ve certainly exposed your lack of taste and class.

    Have a good one. :)

  11. wow! why are we insulting each other over a blog post? it was totally uncalled for to refer to someone classless when they were simply expressing their opinion.

  12. I am going to digress from the Kim K talk to say that I will be all up and thru INA on thursday…gotta love authentic luxe items at a discount!

  13. i hope you are aware that you sound nothing but jealous. and whats up with the namecalling? excuse me, if this had been a man who had been in a sextape nobody would stress him like this. how many of you actually know this girl? what you have seen from interviews, what you ‘think’ you know about her is probably such a small part of her personality that you impossibly can make up a righteous image of her. i couldnt care less about her sextape, all i know is that she is HOT, probably the most beautiful woman ive ever seen,and i love her style even if i wouldnt always wear the same as her. i think most of us are just jealous that we dont have a body that could carry sexy,tight clothes like she does. i love everything about how this woman looks, from her extremely hourglass shape with those perfect boobs and sexy ass, to her long beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes and smile,and perfect nose.. she’s like the ultimate beauty. the reason guys thinks its ok to call girls sluts,skanks and whatever else namecalling is because WE do it to each other. dont hate on this girl cuz she’s got the money to buy herself whatever clothes she wants, and the sex appeal to get all the attention she needs. would i want to be her? no, i’m happy as i am, but i would LOVE to look like her, she’s nothing less than a goddess. but as for how she is as a person, im as bad judge as you are, so this was purely based on her looks. she is HOT and i too look at her for inspiration,mostly to wear more toned down and less revealing versions of her clothes. us women should stop hating on each other judging about things we dont even know about. i would NEVER wanna release a sextape, but yes i might make one with my boyfriend one day, cuz its a fantasy of his. if it was ever exposed i would diiie of shame.. and i would hate that people called me names for having a healthy and good relationship with my man, and for being secure enough about my own sexuality and myself to even make a tape like that. take a step for feminism and stop looking down on women who have sex and loves it. pleeease, wake up from the 50ies.. women can have sex with who they want, when they want, as often as they want to, just like men.. damn, we’ll never have any equality in this world before men and women will be judged equally on this. it would change the WHOLE damn world.. sorry, i just get aggravated when i see ignorance like this.. anyway, i love Kim and her style, and i am proud to be a woman who will stand up for herself and not be afraid of what people will say of me, and im proud of HER for doing the same. regardless of how you look at it, it takes strength to do that.. and if she’s bitchy and arrogant, then yeah, i would be too if losers were coming on to me like they knew me and had a reason to judge me for whatever actions i have done who’s harmed and affected mySELF.

  14. its not about Kim or Paris or anyone particular, its about the world of females loving to trashtalk each other and bringing each other down. and does it makes us feel better? not at all, rather the contrary. so i think we should flaunt what we got and never be ashamed of ourselves. and words like slut etc, should be banned. its words that stomps on women,bringing us down and making it clear that we are not allowed to be free from judgement. damn, SHE is someone to hate on. what about rapists, child abusers, killers, THOSE are the people that should be ashamed, those are the ones we should turn this anger towards. not someone who takes the benefits that she gets. btw, im in no way connected to kim.. im actually Norwegian, and im happy to live here as we are at least a LITTLE bit better than Americans when it comes to this horrible gossip, trashtalking and jealousy. i would wish for everyone to have a mirror to hold up infront of themselves and see all the demons that really are possessing us. haha, this is a waste of my time anyway, people dont wanna see who they have become anyway.

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