Hey Guys!
So I have another Summer Friday, which means Mail Bombs today…

….will be short and sweet:)
Let’s get to it!
First up, Lindsay asks, “Who makes those dresses that many celebrities such as Rihanna, Solange, Ciara, and Kim Kardashian have been wearing? Ciara has one on in her new video…

“… and I saw a picture of Solange wearing a fuschia one….

“…Rihanna wore a pink one…”

…and Kim has one in like every color of the rainbow…”

Very observative! Intern Elita found that every single one of those dresses is a vintage Herve Leger. Since all these hip hip honies are donning his threads, I’d figure I’d give y’all a bit of history care of a great article by Laird Borrelli on style.com.
Herve Leger rose to prominance in the 80’s and 90’s…

…after working at Fendi working with Karl Lagerfeld, designing for Lanvin Haute Couture, and designing pret-a-porter for Diane von Furstenberg. He started his line in 1985, and launched his signature ‘bandage’ dresses years later.

About his dresses, he said, “One day in a factory I found some bands that were headed for the garbage. They gave me the idea of taking those bands and putting them next to one another as one does making a hat.”

Hollywood hotties have discovered his vintage threads and are now rocking them on every red carpet!
Newer designers have been inspired by his designs, and some, such as Proenza Schouler, borrowed the bandaged look for their Spring 2007 shows…

Rihanna’s a fan!

If you need a Leger in your closet, Elita found that Intermix is the only place online where you can find his pieces (for ridiculous prices)!
This iconic Diamond Halter Dress worn by Lindsay Lohan…

…is a cool $1,485.
Good luck!
Reader HoneySuckle Brown says, “ I love the dress that Hayden Paniettiere is wearing in the attached photograph…”

“Any idea as to who designed this one and where I can get this (or a similar) frock?”
So a few readers wrote in telling me this dress is from Club Monaco…I’m an idiot for not realizing that because I actually own this dress! It’s $99 and comes in red and black. Not sure if it’s still in stores.
If it’s not, you can go with this Ecoganik Bamboo Tube dress in red…

…for $118 at CoutureCandy
Or you can get this Lux Smocked Tube Dress for $48…

…from www.urbn.com
Lastly reader Melody asks, “I love this off-the-one-shoulder top Posh is rocking, but I’m sure she paid a pretty penny for it…”

“… I was wondering if you could please post up some look-a-likes that don’t break the bank. I really love the off-the-one-shoulder look!”
Elita found that this T-Bags top fit the bill…

…and it’s only $77 at shopbop.com

8 thoughts on “Mail Bombs + Herve Leger”

  1. Hi, the dress Hayden Panatierre is wearing is from Club Monaco. I know, because my friend has the exact same one and wore it this past weekend. I tried looking for it online, but I don’t think Club Monaco does online retailing. If anyone else can find it, please do…Keep the mail bombs coming :)

  2. Regarding the Herve Leger dresses, he was inspired im sure from the originator of band/skin conscious dresses from my fav designer Azzedine Alia. Also if your ever in Bevery Hills, go to Rodeo Drive. Herve Leger has a shop on the strip.

  3. This is ridiculous… Rhianna’s shoe game is off the charts for me. I wrote in before about some shoes she wore in another style post on her but now she’s at it again!

    I know this isn’t a Rhianna post (although she’s mentioned) but please, Claire, do some research on these here boots she’s rockin
    http://dailystab.com/blog/uncategorized/rihanna-is-hot-247/ cuz these joints is FIRE!

    Smooches and I love your blog!!!!

  4. thanks for the post on herve leger. he was an inspiration for so many designers this past spring, and it’s nice to see some celebrities going straight to the source! rhianna seems made for his dresses…

  5. I love those Leger bandage dresses. I have been thinking of making one for myself out of thick elastic strips but I can see it going horribly, horribly wrong. :)

    great blog, BTW. I’ve linked you in my sidebar.


  6. Hi Claire,

    Can you tell me where I can find some cute Over the knee boots (preferably in black, brown or tan with a low heel) i’ve been searching all over and have had no luck.


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