It’s been pretty hot in NYC, so I decided to stop the madness with the blazers and sweaters, and go for ease in a simple Balenciaga Sphinx t-shirt from their Egyptofunk collection.

Black and black is always chic, so I accented the look with an Alexander Wang Croc Effect leather mini, but set it all off with white Alexander Wang Joan pumps (previously worn here).

The look skewed a little rocker chic, so I accented with a Tiffany’s cuff, multi metal bracelet, and a cuff from Bruce & Glen. Oh and I can’t forget my go-to Givenchy bag.

What do you think?

Photos by Marta McAdams

68 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 4”

  1. Claire you are so beautiful and you are rocking them braids girl!!! I’m think the next time I rock box braids I’m getting color not my normal black.

  2. You look good Claire, but I have a question: Is there a reason that so many celebrities pose the same way, with their head severely tilted? Is it slimming or something?

  3. LOVE everything about this look EXCEPT those white shoes…DEATH TO WHITE SHOES!

    but those legs Claire…my goodness, I’ll need to have a serious talk with my trainer tomorow…sighs

  4. Everything looks great when you have amazing legs like yours ! Makes me think twice about skipping my body attack and spin class tonight need to get them even more toned to yoru standard lol.

  5. Really dig this, and I LIVE for your braids (my mind is still blown at the fact that your locs are still in tact) I’m getting my hands on that Balenciaga shirt (or sweatshirt) this season for sure.

  6. FINALLY a great casual fashiony look for claire! maybe the braids give the extra UMPH!

    i normally only copy celebrity looks posted but i will copy this claire look !

  7. Yesss, Claire you look so effortlessly chic I appreciate this look to the MAX. Oh Em Givenchy =)

  8. I love EVERYTHING…but the shoes. I actually don’t mind that they are white, because they add pop to the outfit, but that pointy-toe. Whew…. The point seems extra long on these shoes. But you look good nonetheless.

  9. The shoes are a miss…but you look good. I think a skater or a line skirt may have flattered your body or a v neck. The outfit makes you look boxxy.

  10. The shoes make it hard for me to focus. It’s too harsh. Also, the length/shape of the skirt seems off. You have fabulous legs!

  11. Claire! I would have never thought white shoes but you make it look so cute! I think you look amazing! and of course…those gams giiirrrlll!!

  12. A simple black shoe would have polished the look.
    Everything else works.
    Your braids and legs (of course) are everything !

  13. I must say that I have never been a fan of box braids before, but they really suit you, and you manage to lend them an air of sophistication. Kudos.

  14. @ KitKat! Thank you so much! I’ve always wondered why people like Kim Kardashian and LaLa do it!

  15. Love the look except the shoe. Not simply because they’re white but bc the outfit is all black and the shape of the shoe is unflattering.

  16. I have to agree with you ‘I’llSayIt’. I live for this blog but Claire’s style is very hit or miss. She is such a stunning woman but I don’t feel her personal style at all.

  17. Nice, rocker chic look. I am not so sure about the white shoes, but they do offer a contrast to the black look.

  18. I agree with I’llsayit as well :( . I think Claire is still in search of her own personal style and what looks good on her body. I am smaller than she is but am heavy chested as well and its not easy to shop and style. I really DO like this outfit and loving the box braids!

  19. I actually don’t mind the shoes. But the skirt? Waaaay too short. Your legs are killer. But I don’t dig the vibe on the too short skirt. I like how you always keep it classy, funky, even sassy…But the mini? Not what I want to see a Shero in. IMHO

  20. I think people’s love of Claire (because she is truly an inspiration to many of us) clouds their judgement of her style.

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