April 25th, 2012
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Claire’s Life: The Wendy Williams Show and Aftershow
By Claire

So yesterday morning I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Wendy Williams Show!

Wendy typically talks to bloggers and other members of the press as part of her ‘Aftershow,’ and I was granted the wonderful opportunity to chat with the media maven about her favorite stores, shoe brands for women with larger feet, and her experience playing ‘Gail’ in Think Like a Man.
Take a look:

How did I do?
Afterwards I snapped a quick pic with Wendy:

Then hightailed it home to get back to blogging!

For the occasion, I embraced prints in a Kenzo graphic print dress offset by Alexander Wang Joan Pumps:

It was a little chilly, so I threw my old trusty Diesel jean jacket over my shoulders.

I accessorized my ensemble with a Jenny Dayco pyramid ring, bangles, and a Noir Rose Gold Claw ring.

And put my Iphone and wallet in a neon accented Cooperative Mixed Media bag:

And there you have it.
What do you think?

Wendy Williams’s show is so much fun! I’d highly encourage you all to pop by if you ever find yourself in New York city. The show tapes pretty early, but it’s a party from start to finish. See about tickets at www.wendyshow.com.
*Photos by Dario Calmese
*Outfit Deets: Kenzo graphic print dress. Alexander Wang Joan Pumps. Jenny Dayco Pyramid Ring. Cooperative Mixed Media Neon Bag. Dolce & Gabbana Aviators. Diesel Jacket. Mac Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Good to Go topped off with Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Canary.
*I was very inspired by this Kenzo Spring/Summer 2012 ad:

Somehow I knew the dress would work!

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37 Responses to “Claire’s Life: The Wendy Williams Show and Aftershow”

  1. Hannah F. says:

    Claire, you did so great girl! And you would be very good for tv. I also liked that Wendy was real- telling you that it’s a hard hustle. I also felt that she was a little rushy with you. I know she has ten thousand things on her plate, but damn! You looked so fierce, I loved you outfit, very lovely dress

  2. Bajan Candy says:

    You did very well, and I know I’ve said this a thousand times (not really), but I love your voice!!!! You would be great on TV, maybe you should do an internet show like TMIWeekly used to do-loved the girls on that show. Nice dress, although I’m not a fan of those shoes *just sayin*.

  3. Mrs Windy City says:

    Love that dress!

  4. Erica B. says:

    You did great! And that dress is to die for!

  5. lolodoll11 says:

    I LOVE LOVE the dres.. Going to that site next. Not really feeling the shoes with the dress though. Thinking maybe some wedges would’ve worked best with it.

  6. Mixx says:

    I love you Claire but you seemed a smidge nervous..kind of like you were being interviewed instead of the reverse. We know you’re a fierce but I don’t think it shined through as much here.

  7. Marsha D says:

    Great job Claire, love the dress, you look great but death to those white shoes…tsk tsk you know better (lol).

  8. Latanya says:

    I love everything down to the nails but I despise ALL white shoes.

  9. dyshaun says:

    Yesss Claire. Please keep heading in this direction. I see you piling it on. <3 Love your inspiration and the result.

  10. dyshaun says:

    Came back to add that your Wang’s are doing the damn thing! Dont let them talk you out of them!

  11. Mak says:

    What an opportunity! You did a great job! I’ve been to her show, you’re right, it’s lots of fun.

  12. FreddyO says:

    I love to see my black women doing big things …

  13. Claire, call me when you need a full time assistant!

  14. like_really_ray says:

    Change the shoes & the nails.

  15. Amanda says:

    I am an intern at the WW show and I was beyond excited when I saw you. I got to see two woman that inspire me right in the same building. YOU looked stunning!!! Keep up the good work!!

  16. lafemmeafrique says:

    Great dress…do not like the shoes at all! Love the blog Claire, am a big fan. As someone else commented, I think you did appear a little nervous and not as spirited as I might have imagined you to be. Anyhoo, onward and upward!

  17. Lola says:

    Wendell Williams is too damn messy. She breeds nothing but negative energy and is an expert at the mediatakeout-style journalism. No bueno but Claire looks nice as always. Cheers!

  18. Gigi says:

    Wonderful job Claire. I commend you 100% for all that you do. The dress? Fierce! The Wangs? Bang-ing! (despite it being blanco). The accessories? Fiyah! And though you did sound just a tad nervous (I’m sure that Ms. Wendy dearest may be a bit intimidating), all in all you did your thing. For each new venture, each new feature, please know that you have inspired me to do what I want to do (even with the non-creative 9-5). You have done it and are still doing it. The best, I’m sure , is yet to come. Bravo!!!

  19. Claire says:

    Hey Hey! Thanks for the input and the support!
    I probably was nervous, Wendy is slightly intimidating, but she’s a doll.
    Duly noted about the shoes (though I love them so!). When I wear the dress again (which I will), will try it with a wedge. xoxo

  20. Amani says:

    You did a good job Claire! — but don’t forget the best accessory is confidence! I know you were probably on pins and needles about this opportunity and I wish Wendy wasn’t so rushy with you as well which could be very intimidating. All in all kudos to having the guts to perform such and interview and I think your outfit was fab, white shoes and all..

  21. soon2Bmrs says:

    Fab Claire as usual!

  22. Danielle says:

    I like the shows from the side, but the front not so much :-/

  23. Chel-C says:

    Love love love this look!

  24. Ele says:

    nah not ur best look! dislike but hey we all have diff styles

  25. Larissa says:

    i love your dress is amazing

  26. krystel says:

    Claire even though am no white shoe fan…this works. Love that dress omg!

  27. Yakini says:

    You look GREAT!!! I love the print of this dress! You handled Wendy really well! Love her to death, but she’s a tough cookie sometimes (ie,a bit business-like and brusque at times), but you were confident and poised!

  28. Lainea says:

    Not feeling the outfit. The shoes are fugly. You look great though.

  29. Miss Smith says:

    I jus want you to know that you are so rude for wearing that dress. I looooves me some Kenzo. Yay for more FashionBomb TV!

  30. Chox says:

    You looked amazing except for the shoes. I don’t hate all white shoes but those are just not the business. Other than that – faboosh!!

  31. tope says:

    Love the dress, but you did not do it justice…and those shoes are atrocious!

  32. Aha says:

    Love it, Claire, you look chic. This is a fashion editor look, some ’round the way’ girls just won’t get it.

  33. binks says:

    You look cute Claire, great interview. Keep us updated with Wendy’s shoe line. Wendy seems so fun

  34. mary says:

    CLAIRE CLAIRE ! i saw you on the aftershow and you did well but you seemed a bit nervous, a lil work on your interview skills and questions and you will be faaaaaabulous #blackgirlsdooooinit! i had no idea you were so young! KEEP UP THE HARD WORK GIRL!

  35. ShrenAKO says:

    Great interviewing skills. Even when she was taking off lashes, and makeup. You made official eye contact and kept smiling instead of laughing. lol Amazing job! ….and you looked great.

  36. Brinks says:

    Cute dress!

  37. Empress says:

    Cute dress..I hate the shoes..Claire, you have such a cute voive

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