For Day 3, I married my love of blazers and preppy skirts with color in a printed cardigan from Zara along with a Karl Saatchi pleated faux leather mini skirt.

I slipped a simple Helmut Lang tank underneath it all, and accented with a J.Crew necklace, my fave Stella McCartney Falabella bag, and my Kurt Geiger pin heel sling backs (previously worn here).

I really haven’t been studying my Youtube braid style tutorials like I should, so pulled my braids into an unimaginative low ponytail.

Chic, simple, and slightly saucy. Just the way I like it:)

What do you think?

Photos by Marta McAdams, who is awesome.

20 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 3”

  1. Hey Claire,

    I know I’m probably late, but I L-O-V-E these braids on you! They compliment you soooooo well =)

  2. Hey Claire, I love the look, but I wish the jacket was a little shorter so that it wouldn’t block the waistline of the skirt. It would’ve added more shape to the silhouette. Cute all the same though.

    And a high bun with those blonde braids would be fabulous, you should try it. :-)


  3. I think I passed you on the street heading over to Lincoln Center. Your sunnies were amazeballs. You should def post more beauty shots. Those glasses deserved a spot light. Great Look :-)

  4. Claire,
    you look really good! The hair is gorgeous and your skin!!!!! What your doing is so workin for ya sista.

    Beautiful :)
    keep representin!

  5. I’ma keep it funky with Claire… (since none of ya’ll will, but ya’ll tear the fashion bomb submitters to pieces)… I ONT LIKE THIS OUTFIT. The blazer is just wrong, its out of season really & the skirt is wrinkled. I like the braids and the bag tho. I’m out… *drops mic*

  6. I also tend to critique Claire, but I like this outfit, minus the shoes…. You look absolutely stunning with the braids

  7. Not one of my favorite pairings. All the pieces are fly but together I don’t think they get a chance to shine. That being said, u still worked it. When ur fly…ur fly….

  8. @jennyfromtheblock I agree hunny. They do in fact tear the FashionBombshells to shreads. Sorry, Claire. But just because you wear labels does not mean you have style. I am waiting on the a** kisses to go off on me which is in fact fine with me. But, your braids are cute. You just need to style them.

  9. If you don’t like her blog, why don’t you go somewhere else? Why troll and leave nasty comments? There are a million blogs in the blogosphere, shoo now, and go find one.

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