For my last day of shows, I went with my go-to combination of sass & chic with a pencil skirt and blazer:

If you want to look pulled together in a crunch, a blazer in any color plus a chic skirt is an easy outfit. So I pulled on a vintage red blazer, a Three Dots tank top, and striped skirt from the Pleasure Doing Business collection.

Yesterday was absolutely nuts for me in terms of work and shows, so I brought my laptop with me and stashed it in my Rachel Roy Japan Tote.

Kindess is always fashionable!
I made my way to a café near Lincoln Center and got to typing:

I ordered a shrimp salad from Marcus Samuelsson’s pop up street food shop.

In terms of accessories, I rocked with a pair of Melody Ehsani’s See Me Parrot Swarovski Earrings

And kept it classically Claire with my Melody Ehsani I’m Fly ring , Jessie Adore bangles….

…black YSL’s and a black bag.

And there you have it! My final Style Diary for Mercedes Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week:

I wish I could bring photographer Marta McAdams with me to Europe, but alas I can’t. So my twitpics will have to do:)

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing my Fashion Week style.

*Thanks Nina!

30 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week Day 6”

  1. oh my goodness, when I went to eat as Samuelsson’s cafe the other day it was closed! what the hell? I’d better go this evening before it’s gone for good, the food there is so delish!

  2. Claire, girl you must keep a bottle of shea-butter-baby-oil-what-y’all-know-about-silky-baby lotion nearby! Those fab stilts you call legs are never caught slippin on the moisture! #PassontheAsh #OILEDdown! :) <3

  3. Claire, you look effortlessly chic. I will definitely be copying this look in my own way… Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Again with the FABULOUS legs! LOVED this outfit, I have a deep love of blazers, lol. Your skin looks absolutely gorgeous and those parrot earrings… too darned cute. keep workin it!

  5. Claire, you might be blocking out the shade with those fab aviators but there is none that could be thrown your way. You look absolutely amazing. Love everything about the look! And the Tribtoos are my new favorite pump- got my eyes on the red suede ones that Louboutin threw a hissy fit over. ;-)


  7. Kindness will never disappoint you to be fashionable :)
    The position how the photo with the heels and bag is made is beautiful.

  8. Claire, what did you do to get legs so great? Could you share your work out routines or were you just blessed?


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