Yesterday I shot a video for my friend Renae’s blog, In her Shoes, then popped by Lala Anthony’s book signing in Tribeca. For the occasion, I wore an Anna Sui Metallic chiffon-jacquard and burnout velvet dress, black tights, and Michael Kors booties.
1 Claire Sulmers anna sui dress michael kors boots cc skye clutch fashion bomb daily
I kept warm in a Theory Cassius coat, slipped on a vintage Captain’s hat, and put my essentials in a CC Skye vaulted clutch (I tend to shop a lot based on the products we recommend on this here blog. It’s a bad habit!).
89 Claire Sulmers anna sui dress michael kors boots cc skye clutch fashion bomb daily
4 Claire Sulmers anna sui dress michael kors boots cc skye clutch fashion bomb daily
As I mentioned in this post, I ran into loads of Fashion Bomb readers at Lala’s book signing!
Lala Anthony the love playbook signing barnes noble tribeca

Thanks for your support;)
9939 Claire Sulmers anna sui dress michael kors boots cc skye clutch fashion bomb daily
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Photos by Karl Pierre

23 thoughts on “Style Diary: An Anna Sui Metallic Chiffon Jacquard and Burnout Velvet Dress, Vintage Cap, CC Skye Vaulted Clutch, and Michael Kors Booties”

  1. That outfit is just terrible. No sense of proportions, fabric at all. All those pieces should not be worn together. Too much of everything. You need more simple and cleaner lines with your body shape.

  2. That third pic down is such a pretty one!
    I wasn’t too fond of the dress, but I do love that you’re sticking to your fashion resolutions and taking risks! Keep the style coming :)

  3. The hat, face and hair, love it. You are gorge! But this is too much for me. Gold heels, striped pattern on jacket, gold in that blouse, print on skirt. My eyes are freaking… Normally you are so right on with your style! But this time I am a bit disappointed to be honest. But I love you though!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Love your hair, face and hat!! You are gorge. But the rest is too busy for me. The gold heels, the gold and print in the dress, the golden cuff, the striped hairy/furry jacket. My eyes are freaking out. Normally you are right on with your style. Today I am a bit disappointed to be honest… But I love you though!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Hiii! I actually waited all day to read the comments, cuz I was scared! Not all bad, LOL. Thanks for reading.
    The video I shot with my friend Renae addresses how I respond to criticism. I’ll post it when it’s live in about a week.
    The jist: I put myself out there, so I expect judgment, negative and positive. Such is the nature of the job. I will live to dress another day.xx

  6. I totally admire your willingness to take chances with your fashion. Coming from a very conservative fashionista, I envy that. Plus you have such a beautiful smile, which to me sets off you outfit. Keeping doing what you do. Love your blog.

  7. Whatchall talking bout?
    Claire is a Fashion Goddess!
    IM talking bout ‘personal style’ and Claire’s is BEYOND.
    I may not dig every outfit, but fashion should be about inspiration and not always about the critique.
    That Cassius coat? WHAT? With the hair??!!!! Luxe Honey.
    The Anna Sui dress is so beautiful.
    Keep keeping it classy Claire.

  8. I really love the coat! Is it real? I’ve got fur earmuffs and I always feel like people are starring. They’re so warm though!

    Also, the girl in the pic with the senegalese twists is really, really pretty!

    Thanks for letting us in to your style world and sharing!

  9. Claire I really love you and this blog. It has been said on many occasions that tops that are closed all the way to your neck are not flattering on a big bust girl such as yourself. And that is exactly what is going on here. This is most unflattering

  10. First, I really admire your openness and vulnerability. Thank you.

    I also think you’re beautiful and have very good taste in picking out pieces. I just think that you might be able to work on dressing for your body type. The high neck lines and bulk up top are not so flattering. It’s hard when you like a look that doesn’t work for your body type (I’ve been there myself. I have the opposite body type which is also a challenge).

    You look so much smaller and girlie in person. I’ve usually seen you when you weren’t super done up. I think I like your looks when you’re not too “done” the best.

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