Today’s Bombshell is Amber from New Jersey:
amber from bombshell
The blogger for writes, “I have always been a lover of unique style…”

0 amber from new jersey
“…and have used it as a form of expression.”

amebr from new jersey
” I use my height (6’1) as my ultimate glam accessory…”

amber from new jersey

“… and let it guide my Fit choices.”
00 amber from new jersey
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0 amber from new jersey
tall glass of style
0 amber from new york

tall glass of style
Cute! I know it must be hard to find chic clothes for the taller set. You’ve managed to find flattering pieces that exude personal style.
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20 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Amber from New Jersey”

  1. I like the black; besides that it’s nothing there.. it’s not fashion it just the way she likes to dress.

  2. I like her. Put together. As a tall girl myself, I know dressing is a little more difficult. Kudos.

  3. The Green Trousers and last photo( minus those sneakers) are the standout fits.

    I won’t cosign any of the other outfits.

  4. Similar to when you first introduced Tiffany from the Werk place, It’s gonna be hard to top that Urbane Heiress! She has raised the bar for 2014. This girl is a rank amateur in comparison. These future bombshells will have to bring their A game. Including in picture quality. These pictures are pretty bad for a blogger.

  5. The last two pics are my favorites on her. That said, I don’t think many folks know how challenging it is for a taller woman to find clothes. Amber’s doing well. While I have a tendency to her more modest and monochromatic looks, it’s nice to see her venture a bit with styling that’s not traditionally for “tall girls.”

  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…But to basically say “it’s not fashion”?….

    5 people can look at the same artistic painting, provide 5 different opinions about it, and even if most of them are negative… that doesn’t mean it still shouldn’t be deemed as “art”. That’s what I love about creatively – inclined individuals, and the whole idea about expressing yourself through music, writing, drawing, singing, or in this case, translating your thoughts/ideas to the public through visual stimuli.

    This is a great website to connect with like – minded people, and we should be lifting each other up, (esp as people of color, we already have a hard enough time with the MAJORITY not treating us as equals in general life situations) not putting each other down.

  7. I think honest critique is important. It’s how the critique is given my queens.
    Loving the last coat and chicas hair is fierce, but wish I could see the pictures more clearly.

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