I recently happened upon this picture of bomb beauty Toccara


…and had a nagging feeling I had seen that dress before!
Digging a little deeper, I realized that Toccara hadn’t worn that specific dress, but relied on a similar silhouette for a few red carpet events…

…Fitted bust, knee length skirt with a bit of flutter.
Everyone has a style crutch, a silhouette to which they are always drawn. I personally have a thing for strapless dresses; no matter the length or the color, I have to have it! But then I stop myself….too predictable!
What’s your style crutch?

14 thoughts on “Style Crutch? Toccara”

  1. I think I have two: wearing the color black and dark wash skinny jeans with a fitted, deep-v shirt.

  2. WOW! Tocarra is looking really good. She has definitely changed from when she was on Americas Next Top Model!

  3. Earth tone colors, I just love my browns, greens, tans, blues, and of course black. Shame on me.

  4. All of my “going out” clothes are black and I usually wear skinny pants/jeans and a fitted blouse with a detailed belt. Predictable yes, but that’s what I like. Shoot.

  5. My style crutch: peep-toes! Next time I go shoe shopping I’ll aim for pointy toes or anything that’s closed-toes and that I can rock in all seasons!

  6. My style crutch is just like Anthonia’s! Except paired with a bomber jacket. It’s almost always cold or foggy in the Bay Area, so I have to have my bombers with me. =)

  7. The plaid like dress and the eggplant dress are from a line called Stop Staring. I’m addicted to the line too…I have more than 10 Stop Staring dresses in my closet :-/

  8. I love grey! and have everything in that color…jewelry, boots, sneakers, shirts, jackets! the list goes on…it’s pretty bad. lol I like the darker shades though so I guess grey to me is like other people and black oh and I love v-neck halters dresses!

  9. I always rock a cute cardigan and a cami. It’s a sad thing when you can wear this same combo everyday for 2 weeks and not repeat sweaters or camis.

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