As Fashionista reported yesterday, bib necklaces are all the rage right now, and Anthropologie’s Livia Bib Necklace is a stunning statement piece that, at $48, will liven up any outfit without breaking the bank.


Intricate beading and hanging gems give the piece a bit of an antique feel while sequins lend it a contemporary edge. Throw it on with a simple V-neck tee, under a blazer, or beneath/atop a white oxford shirt to punch up a work outfit. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Steal of the Day: Anthropologie Bib Necklace”

  1. I stopped into Anthropologie just to see what’s new and picked this up last week because, you’re right, it really is a gorgeous piece at that price point. I always hesitate to buy “statement” pieces from a chain store because it won’t make as much of a statement if you see it coming and going, but this one was just too beautiful to pass up. And I find that a few seasons later, the piece is still beautiful while the memory of where it came from has faded from the collective fashionista conscience.

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