Is it just me, or has Forever 21 been stepping up their game lately? Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed with their collection right now and was pleasantly surprised when I came across this dress:


Asymmetrical shoulders have made such a huge comeback, so this dress is right on trend.  I’m picturing it with fierce platforms, black opaque tights, and a red lip.  And as hot as this dress is, it’s only $27.  A major steal!  Get it here!


6 thoughts on “Steal of the Day: Forever 21 Croco Embossed Shoulder Dress”

  1. Yeah F21 has stepped their game up in a major way. This dress is hot!

  2. I already bought it! I actually ordered it b4 I saw this blog. Im feelin like such a fashionista! (:

  3. I came across this dress yesterday in F21 and had the same thoughts they are stepping their game up. I saw tons of hot dresses and even the denim American Apparel inspired jumper one of the Simmons’ sister rocked.

  4. I love this dress! And I liked the outfit you dreams up for it, I can totally see myself rocking that in one of my bolder nights out on the town (C:

  5. Omg I saw this dress on the site too!! Love it but wondering how it would fit on someone who’s not a stick…?

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