Let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
First Renee says, “I love the dress, well the whole outfit that Halle, is wearing in this post!


“Please tell me where I can find a budget friendly version of this dress?”

Yup, here are some options:

Sheena says, “Where can I find Rihanna’s Houndstooth boots?”

Rihanna Houndstooth Alexander McQueen Boots

“…They’re so cute!”
Rih Rih is clearly a fan of Alexander McQueen, and chose his $1,045 Dogstooth boots for a Nokia Event:


Get yours at www.alexandermcqueen. com.
In a Male Mail Bomb Keenan asks, “Where can I find the jacket Chris Brown wore on 106 & Park?”

Chris Brown 106 and Park

Chris jumped on the Varsity Jacket trend in this $1,995 Balenciaga Jacket:


Find more information here.

In a wardrobe query, Tia writes, “Hey Vuitton! I have an event coming up for school in December, and I was wondering if you can help me with finding a cocktail dress for under $100. Thanks!”

Vuitton says, “Hey Tia! I put some dresses together for you. Since it’s getting close to winter, you wanna focus on jewel tones more than pastels. And there’s a selection of dresses with structure or flow. Check it out!”

And lastly, you may remember Bombshell Shanté who asked us for outfit suggestions for her Vegas wedding ceremony. She recently checked in saying, “Thank you for the suggestions, you really gave me some great ideas. I decided to go with more colorful accessories. The earrings were the stars of the afternoon. I wish I could wear them everyday!”


Congrats Shanté, glad we could help.
For the rest of you, are you hitting up H&M for your Jimmy Choo fix tomorrow?
I’m kinda of ‘over’ the madness of opening day, but who knows…maybe I”ll pop in. Will you?

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  1. And congratulations!!!! lol. I was so entranced by the earrings that I hit send before I thought about it!

  2. I wanted to know what designer made the boots that Chris Brown wore on 106 & Park with his interview with Rocsi?

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