So I don’t know how the weather is in your neck of the woods, but it’s certainly a hair above chilly here in NYC!
I’ve been trying, futilely, to wear my trench coat, but this brisk weather calls for something a little more hefty even though it’s officially spring.
A great in between outerwear piece is a leather jacket: it’s light enough to peel off if the sun peeks out, yet warm enough for morning chills. Bonus: you can take it out again for transitional weather in the fall.
Celebs already know the deal:
Newlywed Beyonce wears a traditional black leather jacket out with her hubby…
Erykah Badu and Keyshia Cole also go for black, but spice it up with quilted panels…
And Alicia Keys and Rihanna punch up the style in tobacco and red leather options…
…with stunning results.
Guys almost exclusively rock the leather look when out and about:
Best man Jay-Z also goes for black, but with a twist…
John Legend and Andre Benjamin favor brown jackets with aviator elements…
And of course style czar Kanye West pops on a jacket that strikes a balance…
…in neutral grey with an edgy silhouette. Alexis looks pleased!
Want a leather look?
Ladies, try these high and low priced options:

And guys, no worries, I’ve got you covered:

Fashion, News, and What Nots
*I normally don’t do these, but when I saw a recent picture of Porschia Coleman (Russell Simmons’ new boo), I swore it was deja vu:

Who wore it better?
* Mel B unveils her new line, Catty Couture. [Perez]
*The New York Times on how some bloggers
literally blog ’til they drop. Please note, this IS NOT ME! I’m sure that’s obvious, but I’m just sayin’…[NYTimes]
*The Fashion Bomb Meet & Greet is about a week away…
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