8 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day: Rihanna’s A Morir by Kerin Rose Lace Sunglasses”

  1. I pray no one will be stupid enough to buy these (if they are crazed enough to wear ’em). Just MAKE these yourself and save $206

  2. @ conni3 – totally lab goggles with lace! I can’t belieeve they are charging $200+ for these things!! Sometimes “fashion” is more about the risk than the actual clothing…

  3. They have a recession-proof version of these over at girlprops. In black, grey, and nude. $9.99. BOOM.

  4. Rihanna can rock these!!
    Won’t pay for these if it was the last thing on earth
    Even if you have 20/20 vision, you might trip wearing these…lol
    but like another blogger wrote: still uber cool
    Chic/creative :)

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