Nothing says fierce more than Black Halo’s signature Jackie O Dress:


Sophisticated and chic, of course Tyra’s a fan! At $345, they’re an investment, but totally worth it. Check out a few options here:

3 thoughts on “Get the Look: Tyra Banks’ Black Halo Jackie O Dress”

  1. Are there any less expensive options? I love the dress, but wouldn’t want to spend that much on it.

  2. I agree. I hate knock offs, but wouldn’t mind a designer impostor of this dress.

  3. I sell a version that’s sort of similar in my online boutique, the difference is that my version is less spandexy ;)

    I also custom make everything to fit your exact measurements, so you’ll definitely get the perfect fit. Send me an email and I will start working on it immediately – it’s a recession girl :)

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