A.P.C. is a sought-after brand, with partnerships and baselines valued since its inception. A.P.C. is adored by both Hypebeasts and minimalists and has always had a foot in both the trendy and the eternal. Touitou’s (founder) unusual upbringing, which taught him to appreciate the basic (well-made) things, surely influenced his minimalist style and preference for traditional raws over terrible washed denim.

Apc brand is one of our favourite companies, known for its high-quality essentials and awaited collaborations. Here’s what you need should know about A.P.C. to trust the buzz.

What is the full form of APC?

A.P.C stands for Atelier de Production et de Création, which properly summarises the brand’s concept. Quality-focused and manufactured with an aesthetic vision, the brand views manufacturing and creation as an art form, as much an element of the artistic process as styling.

Origin of APC

A.P.C. is a French ready-to-wear label created in 1988 by Tunisian designer Jean Touitou. A.P.C. is an’ The legal address of the corporation is 39 Rue Madame 75006 Paris, which is also the site of its flagship store. Initially, the brand was sold very narrowly, but it has since grown dramatically, opening numerous outlets across the world. 

Aside from the main shop in Paris, there are locations in London, Tokyo, Osaka, two in New York City (Brooklyn and Soho), two in Hong Kong, and the newest in West Hollywood.

The ethos behind APC

A.P.C draws inspiration from everyday living and keeps utility at the forefront of their designs. Shrugging off trends, the brand represents a lack of luxuries in favour of a commitment to necessities, as their collection includes high-quality basics that will undoubtedly last a long time. 

This refusal of luxury allows the brand to remain honest and approachable, with a primarily unisex offering. They believe in having the best, in living a modest but high-quality life, and in investing in items that will last a lifetime. 

Above all, A.P.C is about simplicity, giving timelessly fashionable casual fits to improve the wearer’s day-to-day living.

The look

The brand is well-known for its simplistic designs. Its apparel has basic designs and clean lines. Logos are also seldom apparent. Its apparel frequently incorporates military-style elements. 

Raw-denim selvedge jeans are one of the brand’s best-selling items. Their jeans are quite famous among denim fans since they are made of high-grade Japanese selvedge denim but are also thin cut and trendy, unlike the goods of many other firms who employ this type of denim. When utilised, the denim also fades swiftly, allowing denim fans to get a lot of wear and fade relatively quickly if desired. 

Mainly, Touitou disliked the loose-fitting garments of his peers, which inspired the fit of APC apparel.

Products and their manufacturing

A.P.C. denim goods, ranging from jeans and jackets to tote bags, are manufactured from Japanese raw selvedge denim, which means they haven’t been pre-washed and are fresh from the mill with precisely hemmed cuffs.

 For genuine denim connoisseurs, this is the only way to go because this denim is chemical-free. A.P.C sources the best denim from Japanese manufacturers, who have essentially monopolised the industry since their post-war obsession with traditional Americana design.

While the denim is imported from Japan, A.P.C goods are manufactured in Macau, a Chinese autonomous enclave on the south coast. Because the province was originally governed by Portugal, the culture is now a hybrid of Chinese and Portuguese influences, with food that incorporates both pastel de nata and typical Cantonese meals. 

This appears to be the ideal location for production, blending Europe’s classic laid-back casual attitude with China’s greater utility-focused and now street-wear inspired style.

APC collaborations

The APC brand has implemented a number of collaborations, the most notable of which are Nike, Outdoor Voices, and Kanye West, who collaborated on two occasions. Throughout the partnerships, APC stayed true to their brand’s simple concept while adding a spin from the adjacent company. 

These collaborations, according to Touitou, are critical to keeping A.P.C moving ahead and expanding, combining their abilities to master the fundamentals and obtain the greatest quality with the new experiences and opinions of others.

The final say!

Since its creation, the Atelier de Production et de Creation has essentially defined the upmarket essentials market, but the brand’s simplistic look masks its iconoclastic founder, who, for good or worse, keeps the firm in the spotlight. Consumers seeking honest manufacturing procedures should look elsewhere, but there’s no doubting that A.P.C. is at the top of the heap after thirty years in the business.