Yesterday closed out New York Fashion Week and Fashion Bomb Daily’s Editor-In-Chief is headed to London Fashion Week next. But, before we said good-bye to the runway shows, the late night after parties, and of course, the street style in New York—we wanted to bring you street style and interviews one last time! We caught up with some bombers at Pharrell’s G-Star Raw event and show attendees at Skylight Clarkson. 

Model, @thetailoredrockstar posed before he attended Pharrell’s event in NYC. He gives us a preview to his Fall style with his moto denim jacket and all black ensemble.

Describe your style in 5 words. 

Tailored. Flexible. Versatile. Statement. Presence.

What makes your Fashion Bomb? 

Honestly, I utilize everything around me to create my look. You really have to express yourself through your apparel, hence the hat.

If you didn’t know, plaid is trending this Fall! @Laurel.thom stood out on the streets with her  mixed prints as she left her last show of the season.

What’s your best Fashion Week memory? What made it so special? 

This was actually my first Fashion Week experience. Sitting front row at the Denivi show at my first show ever next to a bunch of bloggers that I aspire to be like made this Fashion Week extremely special for me. 

What was your favorite show?

The one I just came from, Marcel Ostertag. The pieces that he had were phenomenal. There were lots of greens and funky silhouettes. It kept me entertained with lots of prints, and I clearly love prints! It’s like organized chaos!

Fedora hats were on trend for bombers for the last day of Fashion Week clearly! @Child_rebel paired his yellow bomber jacket with Yeezy’s  on his way to attend his last event for Fashion Week.

What do you love about Fashion Week? What do you hate? 

What I love is that New York Fashion Week is homecoming for the fly people in New York. It’s the one time of the year we all come together and then we see each other next February. We all live in New York, but don’t see each other everyday, but when Fashion Week comes around we pick up where we left off. What I hate this year is how much they’re overbooking shows and closing it out, this is the first time I’m attending Fashion Week and they’re doing that. 

What style advice would you give to your younger self? 

Don’t wear Michael Kors!! [laughs] I would tell myself, don’t be trendy, keep it classy. I wish I had brought more classical or vintage pieces instead of trendy things that are completely out of style now. 

I am absolutely loving these sequin sleeves! @Fresh_artise was spied in an all white look, custom jacket, and fedora hat.

What do you spend the most on when you go shopping?

Shoes and jackets because I like to look for originality and most things that people don’t have. I usually get things custom made. 

Who’s your celeb style inspiration? 

Chris Brown, because he’s always different and unique. He’s so dope to me!

Which street style look is your favorite?

Photos by Jennelle Gordon