The weather is NYC is simply not cooperating with fashion week, though show attendees are making the most of it, splashing color and patterns onto wintry looks. With a strong focus on outerwear and cold weather accessories, ladies and gents have managed to look rather stylish:

Real Style-021112-Mercedes Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 3
Check out our best picks from day 3:


It’s all about a great coat and shoes! These two young ladies looked lovely in blue colored jackets and metallic heels.



This young man simply wasn’t playing around! He pulled a turtleneck over his face for extra warmth.


These two Fashion Bomb readers punched up black looks with neon separates, studded boots, and coated jeans.


Layering is oh so essential: these ladies places skirts over pants and chunky scarves over multiple sweaters.



Plays on proportions made these black looks interesting.



This diva worked with different colors of houndstooth, yet tempered her look down with a black coat and boots.




Talk about a pair of stylish snow ready boots! This young stylist looked ready for anything in white and light brown tones.

074_FBD_NYFW_4_TracyReese-957Black on black always works.


A stud covered leather jacket uplifted a pleated white maxi skirt.

Lastly, while designer Tracy Reese called a car, industry veteran Bethann Hardison smiled for our cameras in a furry hat and loose fit jeans.

What did you think of our latest Real Style installment?

Photos by Marta McAdams

12 thoughts on “Real Style: Mercedes Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 3”

  1. I expect so much more from Ms. Reese but every time I see her she looks likes a tired mother of 3. Those white shoes and black tights almost gave me a heart attack.

    Let’s not begin to talk about Ms. Hardison…. Did they not know this was fashion week?

  2. Tracy Reese is doing well in the fashion industry right…? So I really don’t understand the way she continues to present herself…

  3. I get Tracy Reese. You would be suprise to know that that many people that work in the fashion industry don’t look like they work in the industry. It is usually the wannabes that do the most.

    I interned once for a certain woman, well known in the industry. If I would have told you guys that she works in the industry, you would not have believe me because she looks messy. People were all about wearing jeans and dreessing casual, but at the end of the day, the job was done.

    Don’t even get me started on some of the big names buyers that I see coming at New Yor Fashion Week dressed very casual that get escorted to their seat while those that look over the top are left standing in line. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover.

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