Happy Tuesday!

So the party took a lot out of me, and I’ve actually spent the past few days recovering. My attendance at fashion shows has been lacking, but no worries, Shameek and I plan to storm the tents again tonight. I’m going to a show that promises an appearance by Keisha Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable). Fun!

So I’ve been taking lots of pictures of fabulous people of color—whether in the tents, or at outside venues big and small. Today, a serving of Real Style care of Baby Phat:


These young ladies looked retro chic with their stylish updos, and mixtures of vintage (floral tops) with modern influences (high waisted skirts)…
This Baby Phat employee was decked out in a Kimora Lee creation. I never knew Baby Phat made floor length strapless numbers, but I love the color…and her purse is a nice acccent.
These two industry ladies are casual yet chic. I love the young lady on the right’s kelly green dress worn over footless tights…

And of course Shameek couldn’t miss a photo opp! His friend looks cute in capris, shiny tank, and shawl. Notice how Shameek has multiple gift bags! lol!
Anyway the shows have been fun so far. Stay tuned for more Real Style and Fashion Show recaps.
PS Someone just forwarded me a super cute picture of a few members of the Full Throttle Crew. Call me nostalgic, but I just had to post.

From left: Lauren from Stereohyped, Chandra from Hourglass Events, Calcie from the JI Group, The Fashion Bomb Diva (me), Jen from The B-Life Blog, and Carla from Boutique Finesse. Cute!
Stay tuned for out next event! The B-Life Blog is having a celebration in January…I’ll keep ya posted:)
PSS If you love the portraits, need to take headshots, or have an event you’d like photographed, get in touch with my photographer Casey Noel. He took all those great red carpet shots. Visit his website www.cnoeltravelandphoto.com.
PSS Take a moment to remember everyone who perished in the September 11th attacks.

2 thoughts on “Real Style: Baby Phat”

  1. Real Style is actually one of my favorite parts of this blog. For the first picture, I love everything these ladies have on. I’m especially feeling the outfit homegirl has on the far left, it’s really chic and classy.

    The second pic of the Baby Phat girl. I think print was too busy to be a floor-length, and the clutch was busy too. If you have a loud piece, keep everything else simple.

    I, too am feeling the footless tights with the dress! It looks super comfy. And you can never go wrong with a snazzy white top and denim.

    As for the last girl…she strikes me as not having anything to wear and throwing random stuff together and calling it “fashionable” or making a statement.

    Loving the beautiful brown folks Full Throttle crew pic!

  2. I have been seeing alot of Baby Phat pieces and KLS stuff that are NOT sold in stores. It’s almost like all the truly hot pieces are kept for Kimora and her crew. Sad!

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