“My Umi said shine your light on the world/Shine your light for the world to see/My Abi said shine your light on the world/Shine your light for the world to see…”–Mos Def, ‘Umi Says”

Hey Guys!
So my party was such a hit!


Yup, that’s me in a Mimi Turner dress from Pieces Boutique, and jewels by Sisu. I’m silly…and was so excited about the night.
Katra was packed to the brim with all my urban fashionistas and fashionistos…

…the DJ was spinning the hot beats, the liquor was flowing, and tons of people came out to support!
My sponsors were there looking fabulous:

Jen from the B-Life Blog looked hot in a ruched fuchsia freekum dress…

Lauren from the blog Stereohyped was party ready in a sequined mini dress, and she brought along her equally beautiful sister Tia, who writes the blog Shake Your Beauty.

Calcie from The JI Group came prepared in a tailored jacket and v-neck shirt…

Chandra (left) from Hourglass Events looked super cute in an off the shoulder top, shorts, and hot purple pumps…
…and Latisha, Colin (far right), and other representatives from Pieces Boutique lit up the red carpet in fierce, fashionable frocks.
Friends and fellow bloggers also rolled through in their flyest:
Naki from the blog Style Chile was sweet enough to show up…

Michelle (far right) from Seasoned to Perfection came with friends to support…
Fashion week buddy Shameek (right) made an appearance…
and lots…
and lots…
of readers…
and the like…

…were bomb enough to show up and have a great time!
Check out more pictures and the slideshow here.
It was a great, memorable night, and I want to thank everyone soooooo much for coming! I was super busy, so I apologize if I couldn’t stop and spend time with everyone. But now that you know who I am, please feel free to come and say ‘hey’ if you see me around the way.
The party was such a success that I might make this a bi-annual thing (every fashion week)….
More on that later!
PS Almost forgot: Tracy Reese and Baby Phat were so much fun!
The ethnic models were representing like no other in various shades and builds…

Tracy Reese Spring 2008

Baby Phat Spring 2008
…it was beautfiul!
Baby Phat was chock full of celebs:
Star Jones was sitting directly across from me, taking notes for some reason…
Of course Russelll Simmons was in the house…

And gourgeous Bahamian model Shakara came with her boo.
I had a chance to snap pix with a few fashion stars:

Me with Nole Marin, a prominent fashion editor and stylist… And yup, that’s me with Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks. Ms. Jay is in the background. Hilarious! I look like a greaseball next to Selita, but the pic is funny:)
Also, if you’re interested, I taped the final walk..but like an idiot, I didn’t realize that even though the video looked fine to me, it shows up sideways. So just tilt your head until I can figure out how to make it right side up…

Sorry guys! I tried to give you the feeling of it all… Fashion week has been amazing so far. Just a few more shows this week until it’s all over. So much fun!
PSS Special thanks to Hourglass Events, The B-Life Blog, Stereohyped, Pieces Boutique, and the JI Group for helping me throw my bash! Many thanks to Rum Cake Fairy for providing delicious cakes and Trace Magazine and Boutique Finesse for donating items for our goodie bags. Shout out to expert photographer Casey Noel for the amazing red carpet shots. And lastly, much love to my girls Margaret, Stephanie, and Kim. You’re the bomb!

19 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb Daily’s First Anniversary Party Recap + Tracy Reese and Baby Phat”

  1. How amazing!! Everything looked so nice at your party. How did the celebs act when you aked for a pic?

  2. You are very pretty Claire but you of all people should know better than to wear a shirt or dress that doesn’t fit properly. All I’m saying is in a lot of the pics (inclusing the one on B-life)your breasts are about to fall out of the your shirt, not cute at all. Fashion tape is your friend Claire.

  3. So funny that u would make that comment anonymous because as soon as I saw the pic on the B-life I thought wardrobe malfunction! Sad that we couldn’t fully appreciate your dress Claire cuz we don’t see the bottom part…overall it seemed like a very successfull party! And Jen…am not feeling this look on you…it seemed too 80s retro and not enough 80s retro with a 2007 flair to it…better luck next time…and the fushia was too dark for the turquoise…my humble opinion but there were some fierce players out there, I did like the one in short shorts and off the shoulder top and a girl in a print tunic white/black/yellow i think and Lauren rocked the hell out of that sequined mini nice but Tia huh not really…the denim mini with such an oversized top big no no but ur blog is the BOMB! And kudos to all you ladies that make our days so fun!!!

  4. By the way stating ur opinion is not hateration…when Claire doesb’t like something nobody accuses her of hating…it’s just objective comments…that’s all and by the way the white jacket u rocked at the Baby Phat show…gorgeous!!!!!!!! And you could have thrown in a colorful tank fushia or turquoise and u would’ve killed it!!!

  5. Man, its funny how the anonymity of the internet can make people feel like its okay to judge and make some potentially hurtful comments. Not that you are hurt Claire/Jen, b/c you should know that you both looked bangin! Let’s not hate ya’ll, let’s appreciate (c’mon black women – TRY)!

  6. 2:18 – You almost have a point there but (and maybe I’m just too sensitive) I would never say to someone’s face – or on their blog – that I didn’t like their outfit. That’s when it turns from just a “humble opinion” or an “objective comment” to seeming a little more mean-spirited. Everyone at the party (who is probably a reader of this blog) obvi thought they looked fly so why try to deflate that!? But that’s just me…

  7. Great! I hope you parties for me. I wll be there next time. have a blessed week and keep up the goos work. Thanks for the add on

  8. Sorry I could not make it but I heard to was a lot of fun. Hopefully I will be able to make Andre’s 30th. I think you looked great Claire! I am mad at some of these comments! I looked at all of the pictures including the one on B-life and I don’t think you breast are about to fall out. If you had a flat chest no one would care or notice. Claire you always look awesome! Ignore it. Anonymous 2:00, how would you like it if someone told you you were “not cute at all”? Leave Claire and her girls alone! The nerve! You wish you had Claire’s goodies!

  9. Real people do real things–like show their boobies! Claire, it’s your blog, so you can do what you want. Besides, Perez Hilton doesn’t look super hot all the time (which isn’t to say his is the standard you should be aspiring to).

  10. The party looks like the bomb!!! Wish I could have been there. Here’s to a successful first year and more years to come! (C:

  11. Hi Claire! I’m sooo mad I missed the party… it looked great and everyone looked fab! I had an emergency pop up Saturday night otherwise you know I would have been there :( I would have loved to meet you. Next go ’round I guess. I am soo mad!

  12. Wow…that’s all I can say! Claire, you have some impassioned readers! Better to have an opinion than none at all, I guess.
    Claire you know you rocked it on Saturday evening. It was definitely an event to remember. I’m so happy The B-Life was there to help you celebrate. Positivity ya’ll!
    xo, Jen

  13. eeeew, just read some of the comments…what did that comedian say? “If you don’t have 15 haters by the end of the summer, then you should be worried…” something like that…

    you know you’re the bomb, Jen and Claire, when you start collecting haters! Keep up the good work…y’all both looked fab!

    Karma’s a b*tch and even the “anonymity” (not so anonymous, but let the haters think that!) of the internet can’t stop that ;)

  14. Wow Claire, your party looked like a great time! I’m a little sad that we missed it! But with an early morning flight out Sunday morning… we wouldn’t have made it, lol! Hopefully we can make your next one!

  15. To some of the comments that were posted—I guess everyone is intitled to their own opinion…although sometimes it should be kept to themselves.

    Anyway, the party looked like the fashionbomb spot…everyone’s style was cute…wish I was there!

    I absolutely love the blue/purple dress Kimora Lee had on as she walked the runway….gorgeous!

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