Benzino’s mini me Coi Lerey is in the spotlight, with all eyes on the 26-year old rapper and singer who just released her second studio album in June entitled, Coi.

From her sharp flow, and trendsetting looks, she can’t be disregarded as a one-hit-wonder. In a recent photoshoot, Coi surprised fans with a modern and intricately made silver beaded ruffle two-piece look, that bared her body tattoos and felt forward.

Photo Credit: @Coileray

The best part of Coi’s ensemble was certainly her Tyler Lambert suede metallic edge boots that retail for $345.

Photo Credit: Tyler Lambert

Resembling Givenchy’s Shark Lock metallic boots, Tyler Lambert boots offer a covered wedge cargo heeled boot, completed with a micro square toe. For those who have wide calfs, you’ll be pleased to know that the elasticized leg opening makes for seamless slip-on.

Whether you’re opting for a fashion-forward and brilliantly constructed boot, or just need that showshoppikg accessory to jazz up your look, Tyler Lambert metallic boots are the perfect must-have for A-list celebrities.

Sporting china pigtails, with a glamorous beat, Coi’s new-found image is on trend as she reaches stardom in both the US and UK. As an artist who came out with a album entitled, “Trendsetter,” Coi Leray has certainly been living up to that name with her vision and vibe.

Photo Credit: @Coileray

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