Women who dare to dream big, aspire to reach new heights and have a spirit of enterprise were united on Sunday at the ‘We Rise Experience’ Summit in Toronto, Canada to connect, and celebrate their entrepreneurial milestones.

Originally founded by Treasa Leigh Brown, We Rise Experience was initiated in pursuit of creating a space and community for entrepreneurs to collectively partner together to acquire business resources, network and essentially champion one another. The Toronto based company has quickly reached acclaim, with over 200+ guests attending the interactive one-day summit and including a variety of speakers driven to inspire.

Photo: Complementary of WRE

An Iconic group of fearless women gathered to discuss business solutions and who better than our very own CEO Claire Sulmers to headline the We Rise Experience that denotes itself on, “Bridging the gap between roadblocks and success.” Claire, who’s the epitome of a go-getter and has a track record for thriving with her direct-to-consumer company, was joined by feature speakers Ronne Brown and media personality, Kéla Walker.

We Rise Experience Key Note Speakers: Kéla Walker, Ronne Brown and Claire Sulmers

Claire gave advice to fellow female creatives about how to effectively run a business and navigate challenges that successful people inevitably encounter. Sulmers expressed, “What I can tell you now, looking back that if you take your business seriously from the very beginning, bet on success, say this is going to be my full time job, work tirelessly every single day, be consistent and persistent, that a setback is just a set up for success.”

The event included a series of panel sessions, workshops and multiple opportunities for attendees to step into their power and open their minds up to new ways of thinking. Affirmations and messages like, “You need to start believing that nothing is too good for you” was transformative and allowed women bosses to feel empowered.

Television Host, Kéla Walker who is a second time host for the ‘WRE’ event, stated, “It’s a female empowerment event that debunks the notion that events like this are filled with mean girls and serve no purpose however ‘WRE’, really dives into the ideals and goals of the women in attendance, to inspire and motivate them on their path to success.”

Photo: Complementary of WRE

It’s evident that this organization is an example of communal excellence and propels entrepreneurs to reach new momentums. The WE Rise Experience event was well executed, uplifting, and ultimately gave women entrepreneurs the tools to break down barriers and open new doors. It’s events like this where valuable business connections can emerge, and people can not only realize, but actualize their full potential.