As we begin to tap into our “soft girl era” and prioritize our well-being, we can’t forget to take care of our roots both literally and figuratively. The SheaMoisture All Black, No Flakes Product Launch Event shed light on the importance of maintaining a healthy hair scalp in order to facilitate hair growth. 

From the Chief Marketing Officer of SheaMoisture, Taydra Mitchell-Jackson who hosted the event, to a renowned guest panelist that included designer Anifa Mvuemba, celebrity hair stylist Nikki Nelms, and ‘Sister Scientist’ Erica Douglas, attendees were in for a deliberate treat.

Chief Marketing Officer Taydra Mitchell-Jackson interviewing the guest panelist, Anifa Myuemba, Nikki Nelms, and Erica Douglas
Photo Cred: @nisshoots

The event which introduced the latest SheaMoisture Scalp Care Collection included two product lines for textured hair including ‘Scalp Moisture’ and ‘Anti-Dandruff. Sister Scientist Erica was able to speak to the exceptional formulas used by SheaMoisture which consists of ingredients like ceramide precursors, Vitamin B3, apple cider vinegar, and salicylic acid. 

Photo Cred: @nisshoots

“Think of your hair and scalp as a garden, you have to water, oil and take care of it in order for it to flourish,” explained Sister Scientist. SheaMoisture has created new and innovative ways to infuse moisture into their products to water the scalp. 

Sister Scientist Erica Douglas – Photo Cred: @nisshoots

The CMO of SheaMoisture, Taydra spoke about how the latest products really allow you to fall in love with your hair, and how at SheaMoisture they go through a rigorous testing to ensure that their products are effective and beneficial. 

Along with Sister Scientist and Taydra, Anifa, and Nikki both shared their own perspectives on what healthy hair looks like to them from Anifa speaking about protective styles, to Nikki who touched on what sound hair advice looks like to her clients.

“If I have a client who has problems with their scalp, I always try to get to the core of the problem and solve it, and that’s how trust is built so I always try to come from a place of honesty and trustworthiness,” expressed Nelms.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Nikki Nelms, Taydra Mitchell-Jackson, Sister Scientist Erica Douglas- Photo Cred: @nisshoots

Towards the end of the event, Anifa brought the fashion to the stage with her women’s apparel line, entitled, “Hanifa.” As models strutted down the stage in all black ensembles to Beyonce’s, ‘Alien Superstar,’ the audience was enamored by the different variations of black ensembles that included silk cargo pants, a wrap cardigan and body-con dresses tailored to perfection. Mvuemba stated, “my purpose is to make women feel beautiful in whatever they wear, especially in Hanifa.”

The founder of Hanifa, Anifa Mvuemba- Photo Cred: @nisshoots

The SheaMoisture All Black, No Flakes Event was a night filled with healthy hair tips, style, and confidence. Whether you’re someone who’s looking for more moisture in your hair or perhaps you suffer from dandruff, SheaMoistures latest Scalp Care collection allows you to optimize your full crowns potential without any regrets.