IKEA’s oversized blue “Frakta” bag is no secret to the masses of minimalist shoppers. It’s even inspired high-end designers like Balenciaga, but now they’ve found a designer whose architectural vision matches their own: Virgil Abloh from Off-White.

According to Fashionista, Abloh is collaborating with IKEA to provide a new spin on the practical 99 cent “Frakta” bag. The designer gave the polypropylene material bag a theme name titled “Sculpture” that will read in a black bold print across the new bright yellow bag.

The new design was introduced officially on IKEA’s Instagram today but was first viewed and briefly discussed at the IKEA Democratic Design Days conference in Sweden. Only the beginning process was shown as it consisted of a yellow version, as well as the classic blue version as well.

Abloh and IKEA’s head of design, Marcus Engman explained why they decided to team up in the first place and it’s simple, the home goods retailer is highly intrigued by the designer’s architectural vision, street aesthetic and music background.

Abloh said, “We’ve gone to work, you know, on my interpretation of the classic bag.” “There’s so many iconic things that makes IKEA, IKEA and…Theres so many moments to work in a design career with the absolute best.”

Not only will Abloh design a new bag for IKEA, but will use his influence in the home department too. In the video below, they explain how he will help millennials from across the world redesign modern furniture pieces for their homes.

ex-architecture student meets "pattern making" @ikeatoday

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There is no set date yet when the new bag creation will be sold online and in IKEA stores but it feels like it’s the next best thing forthcoming this summer!

What are your thoughts on the new collab?