Recently, an article was posted in Fashion Magazine with an interview with Sarah Marantz Lindenberg who is the founder of the brand known as NiteCap. NiteCap supplies women with silk hair wraps for the price of $98 that are meant to bring benefits to the hair and skin simultaneously. Sarah, who happens to be a Caucasian woman, claimed in the interview that she came up with idea for the silk hair wrap after meeting with a dermatologist who suggested that she should sleep with her hair out of her face to prevent breakouts. Once the article was posted on the Fashion Magazine’s Twitter account, social media quickly reacted to the price and claims of inventing an item that is nothing new to Black women: the silk bonnet.

Black social media users took the article and brand itself as a form of cultural appropriation and were ready to clapback immediately. Comments included “not a while lady pretending she invented sleep bonnets and selling them for $100” and “my grandmother, mama, sister, and all the black females in my communities have wearing a NiteCap for years…$6.99 Walgreens or Target…$4.00 Beauty Supply Store.”

Since then, NiteCap has responded by releasing a statement via Instagram addressing the recent comments made toward the brand:

What are your thoughts?