Old school brands are teaming up with the new brands on the block and rebooting the classics with modern appeals for the Gen Zers. It definitely worked as Kimora Lee Simmons relaunched Baby Phat under Forever 21 and sold out completely. Now, the popular online store known as Sorella is teaming up with the classic FUBU brand to release an exclusive collection that gives off the feels of 90s hip hop.


FUBU was founded in 1992 in Queens, NY by Daymond John along with his friends J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin and Carl Brown. The sportswear brand quickly grew into a $6 billion fashion empire and was worn by countless celebrities including LL Cool J, N-Sync, Dr. Dre, and more. The name itself is short for “For Us By Us”, meaning it was made for the consumer by the consumer. FUBU was founded upon the ideals of “determination, excellence, and boldness” and that’s why they teamed up with empowering brand Sorella.

Since its inception, Sorella has been all about encouraging hustle and empowering women with its Girls Tour initiative. While the collaboration with FUBU is meant to convey the clashing of eras, it also is meant to represent the boldness and excellence of the wearer which is women in this case. Classic and modern elements come together as a celebration for a new era of women who have “the courage to go against the grain and constantly evolve”.

The line will consist of sportswear items such as bomber jackets, tees, sports bras, biker shorts, and lots more with the classic FUBU logo and modern, edgy aesthetics of Sorella. The exclusive line will be live on the Sorella website on Saturday, July 27th. Get your coins ready!