In honor of pride month, Nike’s #BeTrue collection released a new video supporting unity amongst LQBTQ athletes. Leiomy Maldonado, dubbed the “Wonder Woman of Vogue” appears in the newest video voguing along with other dancers.

This is the second time Nike has cast a transgender in a campaign video, and the first time the brand has cast a trans woman of color. Leiomy Maldonado’s campaign is apart of Nike’s larger #Equality initiative. Other ads include plus size women and female athletes in hijabs.

In the 60 second video, Maldonado offers encouragement, saying, “Hey Lei, What did you do to make a mark on this world? Which mountains did you climb?
Laverne Cox shared the video to her Instagram and said, “The girls are doing big things, trans folks are stepping forward with talent, vision, and determination and I love you all.”

Kudos to Nike for their #BeTrue campaign and for all of the barriers they are breaking for athletes.
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Photos Courtesy of ELLE and The Drum