Hey Fashion Bombers!
Adriana here!
I recently had a chance to catch up with the girls from Nina Sky to chitchat about their style evolution, favorite fashionable things, and which trends they think are tired and need to be fired!


Not familiar? The ladies of NINA SKY (Natalie (above, left) and Nicole (right)) took the music scene by storm in 2004 with their breakout hit “Move Ya Body.” Lately, they’ve been working on their second album, “THE MUSICAL,” dabbling in clothing and sneaker design, and developing a distinct, edgy-chic style that’s thrust them squarely into the fashion spotlight.
Nicole shares, “Natalie and I were 18 and straight out of high school when we debuted. Our style reflected that: we didn’t wear makeup and probably owned 2 pairs of heels between us both–it was strictly FLY kicks and comfort all dayyyyy! We’ve grown a lot, and have developed a broader taste for clothing. It’s a natural progression; over the years, you just begin to like different things and experiment more. ” Too true for all of us…For Natalie, “It’s NEVER about what designer I’m wearing: I don’t really follow ‘what’s in’ so I rock what I think is hot. I love to mix designer pieces with vintage and other stuff I find at spots like Forever 21.” Adds Nicole, “Even when we work with stylists, it’s a collaboration. Everything we do has to reflect us as individuals as well as the group NINA SKY.” I think that’s the ideal stylist-client relationship, don’t you?As for style icons, the ladies cite Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani as some of their favorites (Natalie: “They own that ish!“). Designer-wise, Nicole’s a fan of Boy by Band of Outsiders and Chanel shoes, while Natalie’s an admitted Alexander Wang and Matthew Williamson lover who prefers Betsey Johnson and Louboutins on her feet.Like yours truly, though, these divas are still devoted sneaker heads, and have now formed a cool partnership with FILA. “If you know about NINA SKY, then you’re familiar with our sneaker collection,” says Nicole. “FILA was launching a young women’s line and wanted to use artists that made sense to market the shoe. Our next step: design a sneaker with them!” I think they have what it takes to create something dope! Natalie has also designed for a young women’s line, MADEME, and a hair salon, cookbook, and acting are also in the works for both.Now, about those tired trends…ladies, in your opinion, what are people wearing way too much of these days? Natalie: “Keffiyeh scarves!” Nicole: “Headbands!” And what are some of your favorite things from your own personal closet? Natalie: “I love necklaces with gun charms. I have a Cubannie Links Tupac Rosary and an AK-47 Complete Technique chain that I take turns rockin’ daily.” Nicole: “It changes every season but RIGHT NOW it’s this coyote fur trooper hat I bought in Luxembourg.” Jet-setter style–loves it!

Left to Right: Cubannie Links Tupac Rosary, $34; Complete Technique AK 47 Fun Pendant, $340; Muskrat Trapper Hat, $399.
Thank you, NINA SKY!
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