In celebration of the film Notorious, Coogi has released the following t-shirt…


The phrase “Coogi Down to the Socks” comes from Biggie’s song One more Chance (Remix), and the T’s retail for $45 at Would your boo rock this?
And, just for fun, an oldie but goodie:

Was the movie any good?

7 thoughts on “For your Boo: Coogi Down to the Socks T”

  1. ummmmm this is my song! and diddy’s hair is too funny….

    i did see the movie, and i enjoyed it. i think derek luke in particular did an excellent job as puff… every time he did the sean combs dance i was dying of laughter

  2. puff you weren’t alone. i was dyyyyin laughing at puffy the whole time. he had the dance down tho. lol

    anyhoo, the shirt is pretty wack. =/
    coogi is usually colorful…the tshirt should have reflect that.

  3. The movie was surprisingly good! It brought me back to my high school days when we would be bumping to Biggie (even though we were from Queens…lol)

  4. Yea the movie was definitely that work. Thanks for the Big Poppa video. Brought me back to the days when rappers would rap about clubbing and chilling but didn’t have naked females poppin their behinds all over the place. And I agree with the above comments about Derek Luke as Diddy. He did his thang. “There You Go Dancing Again.”

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