<h1>The Most Iconic Style Influencers</h1>



Although the fashion industry remains an ever changing one, there are some fashion icons who have made a timeless impact. Even though nowadays celebrities can take photos of their outfits and share them to social media, many of these celebs still don’t have the same impact that style icons of the past did. 


So, from every occasion to any dress code, we take a look at the style icons who have inspired us for many years and whose influence doesn’t look set to go away anytime soon.


<h2>Audrey Hepburn</h2>


Some would say that we wouldn’t even fathom the term ‘Little Black Dress’ if it wasn’t for the iconic Miss Hepburn. Hepburn’s classic Holly Golightly look from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is probably her most famous look. The simple but sophisticated black Givenchy gown, glimmering pearl necklace, polished updo, and large tortoiseshell sunglasses will forever immortalise Audrey Hepburn in the fashion icon hall of fame. Nowadays, whenever someone dons a little black shift dress complete with a sleek updo and a pearl necklace, they’ll definitely be channelling Audrey!  


<h2>Elizabeth Taylor</h2>


Luxuriant fur wraps, buoyant feather boas, sultry plunging necklines, and glittering diamonds all epitomise Elizabeth Taylor’s heyday. Even to this day, when a lady glams it up with bling and sophisticated but sexy attire, she would definitely be taking inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe. 


<h2>Jackie Kennedy Onassis</h2>


Known more commonly as Jackie O, the former first lady was undeniably one of the most influential fashion icons of her time. To this day, her style remains timeless and anyone wearing well-tailored coats, pillbox hats and demure but stylish strapless gowns will be touted as channelling Jackie O. 


<h2>Marilyn Monroe</h2>


It’s hard not to conjure up images of Marilyn Monroe in your mind when you think of timeless style icons. Marilyn Monroe introduced the world to sex appeal in the fashion industry, complete with seductive dresses, feather boas and glamorous gloves. Who can forget her stepping onto the subway grate in her iconic white dress? Or the glittering, form-fitting dress she wore when singing happy birthday to former president John F Kennedy? Any list of style icons would not be complete without including Marilyn Monroe, who created a legacy that continues to be emulated today. 


<h2>Sarah Jessica Parker</h2>


When you think of Jimmy Choos and the best of the best New York designer fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in the 90s TV series, Sex and the City, probably springs to mind. Her on-screen character, Carrie Bradshaw, was totally addicted to fashion and had a staggeringly large shoe collection that was the envy of women the world over. To this day, many of SJP’s looks in the show are still seen on the runway and in the pages of fashion magazines. 


<h2>Farrah Fawcett</h2>


The 70s were a time of getting rid of the more conservative fashions of the 60s, and Farrah Fawcett helped egg this along. Her style was both casual and sexy, while maintaining a wholesome but seductive look. In addition to her regular attire of bell bottoms and shirts in various bright colors, Farrah also sported an iconic hairdo of curls that framed her face. 


<h2>Grace Kelly</h2>


Called the ‘Original American Princess,’ Grace Kelly oozed sophistication and grace, with demure, classy shift dresses, lace, small and subtle diamonds, and court shoes. Even more iconic than her very polished and lady-like fashion choices was her beautifully curled and coiffed blonde hairdo.




She may have been a bit wild or ‘out there’ at times, but Cher undoubtedly made an impact on the fashion world. Her wild dress sense that saw her pair tassels, fringes, crochet, and long dark hair down her back will forever imprint in her in the fashion world’s hall of fame. Cher certainly wore some iconic outfits, particularly in the 60s and 70s, and really set the scene for more fearless fashion choices at the time.


<h2>Brigitte Bardot</h2>


Her bouffant blonde hairdo paired with dark sex kitten eye makeup looks made Brigitte Bardot one of the most iconic sex symbols of her time. In addition to her signature makeup and hairdo, she would wear delightfully sultry dresses complete with knee high boots and funky attire that made her stand out as both a sex symbol and style icon.


<h2>Diana Ross</h2>


In her heyday, Diana Ross made some really bold and fearless fashion choices, and was famous for her wild and unruly hair, form-fitting outfits, and thick, sultry eyelashes. She could pull off anything from a skin-tight catsuit to a stunning ball gown with ease. 




Not all style icons have to be women! Prince was known for his very fun and bright fashion choices, especially when on stage. Not only did he push the envelope with colors, suits and outfits, but with gender norms too.


<h2>Princess Diana</h2>


Although she was royalty, Princess Diana was beloved and admired for her down-to-earth, functional but beautiful fashion choices. She could pull off a sophisticated evening gown, as well as a smart but simple pantsuit. 


<h2>Style icons to last our lifetimes</h2>


Unfortunately, some of the icons on this list have passed away, but their influence and impact on the fashion world remains. It’s fascinating to see how many of these style icons’ influences have impacted the clothes we wear today, even if they were famous many years ago.