Didn’t get a chance to post these Met Ball pix yesterday (my bad!):
Everyone looks sophisticated and svelte. I personally prefer Joy Bryant’s Pucci Gown out of this batch. Like Kimora…out the box and beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Morning Quickie: The Met Ball 2”

  1. you forgot Thandie. She took a fashion risk, legs looked great AND she was one of the few that tried to abide by the theme.

  2. And why haven’t any bloggers posted Chanel Iman’s picture from the Ball?

  3. I actually think that, unlike Kimora, who truly was FABULOUS, Joy’s dress is over-the-top because of the neck. I think if the neck was instead a boat cut it would have served much more fabulously. As it is now, it almost beheads her.

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