When I saw this pic over at T-Pain’s Twitter page, I almost fell out of my swivel desk chair:

T-Pain's Chain

There are statement pieces, and there are statement pieces. Apparently this particular chain cost T-Pain $400,000!

T-Pain's Chain

Ok ok… guys don’t have as many jewelry options as women, so to distinguish themselves they have the choice between a chain, stud earrings, or (in some cases) gold teeth:

Rapper's Chains

Lil Jon Pharrell Chain

Rick Ross Sean Kingston

Soulja Boy Young Joc Chain

Guys have a right to look fly, but there are limits!! I can cosign Kanye and Pharrell’s choices, but everything from Sean Kingston’s crayola box to Rick Ross’ gold bust to T-Pain’s Big a$$ Chain gets a big a$$ thumbs down!!

Weigh in fashion bombshells…
*Check out T-Pain’s Twitter at www.twitter.com/DaRealerstTPain

7 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Discussion: Big A$$ Chains”

  1. I agree, those chains are wayyy too much, please tone it down a notch, put some of that money into things that are useful, like paying producers for a hit or ending world hunger or building a school/clinic or buying your momma a house…anything else, really!

  2. Sorry, but those diamond aren’t real. T-Pain doesn’t have $400,000 to spend on anything, let alone a big ass chain. Please! Mater of factly, the only 100% authentic diamonds up there are Kanye, Pharrell, and oh, that’s it!

  3. While I agree that these look are TOTALLY overboard please do not discredit the fact that T Pain is on EVERYONE’S song..he gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sing a chorus to an artist’s song or to be featured on their track, not to mention he writes & produces a great deal of his own music. Do you even realize how much revenue that brings in? Please do not sleep on his net worth. I am sure he can afford that chain with ease. It is stupid & ignorant as hell to purchase but he can afford it.

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