New York Magazine reports that several designers, including California label Trovata, have made headway in a copyright infringement case against fast fashion bastion Forever 21:

Trovata vs. Forever 21

They say, “That Forever 21 and its peers copy or take “inspiration” from” designer clothing is no secret. But no laws exist to prevent this from happening…The CFDA has been pushing Congress to pass the Design Piracy and Prohibition Act to protect the basic design of clothes. Critics say the act would stifle competition and commerce in the apparel industry. Indeed, the act could cause an onslaught of lawsuits among labels accusing one another of illegally copying their clothes. Designers copy “or take “inspiration” from” each other all the time. If the suit brings about a change in regulations, the quality of goods in fast-fashion chains could suffer greatly, which would be a bad thing for broke people like us.

I do believe in protecting designers who spend their time and talent creating flawless products. But something about not being able to buy a pair of Balenciaga like boots for $44 (for example), seems a bit sad, no?

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7 thoughts on “The End of Looks for Less: Clothes Copyright on the Horizon”

  1. I personally don’t agreed with this proposed act. Yeah, cheap labels like Forever 21 are copying designs, but financially they aren’t hurting anyone. People who can afford the high quality designer labels will continue to buy them, and people who can’t will continue to buy the lower quality designer copies.

  2. welp.. we are in a recession.. and even the higher-end labels are feeling it. of course they’re gonna go after them hard.

    i personally love forever21. you can get those lil extras that you need to complete any outift. and trust, i put my “cheap” ^^ outfits together so well, that even those who can afford the real thing ask me where/how I put it together.

    and just cuz folks can’t afford, (or would rather spend their money in more efficient ways), higher-end labels doesn’t mean we should not have “lower quality designer copies” to choose from.

    if you go to a grocery store, you can get the name-brand, or right next to it you can get the SAME thing, in a generic box, for less money.

    now please, tell me, what’s the damn difference? not a damn thang.. no one is going after them.

    but hey, those who can afford Balmain will go get it.. those who cannot, will go to Target.

    there is room for everyone.

  3. it’s disrespectful!
    How would you feel if you spent DOLLARS and SWEAT and TEARS on a design only to have someone knock it off, and not even well enough to rival, then sell your babies for x/20 the price.
    It is fashion plaigarism. If a comedian recited Jamie Foxx’s skit line for line or with very few variations, wouldn’t he boo’d off the stage.
    There is a way to emulate fashion forward pieces without completely recreating the look. Get your own team designers who can design new items.

    …but I’m just saying.

  4. i agree with Goldie. It’s just logical. Understandable that the stores like forever 21 are much needed for us that cannot afford the designer brands but they are profiting from someone elses work with not nearly as much effort to create the concept as a whole. Time for forever 21 to step their game up and be more original in their designs

  5. I learned my lesson with Forever 21 and no longer shop there because of the blatant design infringement (look at some of their DVF knock offs) and because of the poor quality. Put it this way, you get what you pay for and stores like forever 21 are a quick fix. I found that i was throwing away my money when i shopped there, since i know for a fact that i can sew some of their pieces 10x better. That’s why if you can’t afford some of exorbitant prices of high end designers, save your money, and plan to make time to go to sample sale. I’ve gotten some really great quality high end clothing within my budget.

    I’m not knocking anyone who shops at Forever 21, but i have learned that its best to save my money and invest it in quality clothing so that i can build my wardrobe with classic staples and signature pieces that honestly reflects facets of my personality.

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