Born in the heart of New York, you become quickly aware of how consumer experiences relating to fashion and style may vary. What we wear naturally captivates the masses and allows us to become a part of a cultural identity. Amará L’mour branches this idea of fashion by tapping into what it means to embody exclusive, luxurious, and timeless apparel. These limited edition, handcrafted blazers allow you to make a lasting impression without ever having to make a sound.


Each blazer is intricately detailed and unique in its design, allowing each customer the opportunity to elucidate pure elegance.

We teamed up with the CEO of Amará L’mour, Ashley, for a brief interview. Here’s what she had to say:

Interviewer: What was the inspiration behind you wanting to create a luxury blazer brand?

CEO: “Honestly speaking, I’ve always loved fashion, but through college I came to the realization that a blazer is truly a staple piece for any outfit. Specifically, regarding my wardrobe, styling a one-of-a-kind blazer allowed me to stand out no matter the occasion. Blazers can be dressed up, dressed down, merely thrown across a shoulder/arm and still elegantly accessorize any look.”

Interviewer: How did you come up with the ideas for each collection?  

CEO: “The Legacy Collection, collection I, was a dedication to loved ones who have passed away in my life but have left an everlasting impact. So, I took this opportunity to honor those people through my passion for designing.

The Life in Color Collection, collection II, came together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being that there was a major delay between collections I & II due to the circumstances of the world, I wanted to ensure that I curated a project that brought brightness during a very dark time.”

Interviewer: Where do you see Amará L’mour in the next 5 years?

CEO: “I see Amará L’mour as a leading luxury black-owned business in the fashion industry, that will be known for its impactful and unconventional blazers. I’m hoping to see people of all different races, genders, body types, etc. embody all that the brand has to offer.”


Want to be draped in exclusiveness and make unapologetic statements? Visit them at or on Instagram @amaralmour.