I’m preparing for my trip to Corsica, but wouldn’t leave you without Friday Mail Bombs!


We’ll answer as many as we can!

Cheryl from Los Angeles says, “I love these gold sandals that Meagan and Veda are wearing!


” Can you please tell me the designer or find a replica of the design please?

Adriana says, “Both ladies appear to be wearing these Bebe Rosario Leather Braided Sandals, which go for $149.


“…Check out your nearest Bebe shop or go to Bebe.com to cop!”

Next Melody says, “Can you tell me where to get this top Garcelle has on?


Hey Melody! We couldn’t find her exact blouse, but thought this Off Shoulder Paisley Print Top fit the bill:


Plus it’s a steal at $37 at www.windsorstore.com!

Margarita says, “Can you please tell me where I can find this dress Vanessa Hudgens wore?


“…I love it! Flower dresses are in for spring and this is the first one I saw that looks great. Please help!

Adriana says, “Vanessa’s wearing this Rebecca Taylor Spring Floral Jumper...”


“…get it for $345 at Bloomingdales.com.

Now for a few wardrobe questions!

Musu says, “I’m finally turning the big 18 and I’m super excited! I want something sexy and hot to wear on my birthday. I’m a student, so my budget is extremely limited. Thanks guys!

Choose from these five festive dresses under $100:


1. Angie Star Dress, $30. 2. I.N San Francisco Beaded Dress, $59. 3. Plastic Island Ruffled Tube Dress in Black, $93. 4. Baby Phat One Shoulder Ruffled Dress, $69. 5. BCBGeneration Bubble Hem Dress, $62.

Lastly, Belinda says, ” I am a 6’8″ tall woman. Yes I did say SIX FOOT EIGHT INCHES TALL!! I love clothes but you wouldn’t believe it because my wardrobe doesn’t reflect my tastes AT ALL. The two celebrities whose clothing tastes totally reflects mine are Jennifer Lopez and Joan Clayton (aka Tracee Elis-Ross) on Girlfriends. I can’t seem to find any designers or outlets that cater for my form or taste. I wonder if you know of stores/designers that do great clothes for us Amazonian types?

Hey up there! I’m no expert on tall fashions, but after doing a quick search, I found the following options from the websites TallCouture.com, SimplyTall.net, and standby JCrew.com:


1. Pendelton Spectator Trench, $198. 2. Nu Collective Drape Neck Top in Dark Olive, $89. 3.  J.Crew Tall White Denim Bootcut Jean, $78. 4. Silver Jeans in Dark Indigo, $73. 5. J.Crew Tall Molten Metallic Perfect Shirt, $78.

And readers, if you have suggestions for cute tall clothes boutiques for Belinda, leave a comment!

That does it for Mail Bombs. I’m running to catch a plane! Check back in on Monday for more European Real Style and Fashion Bomb fun!


PS I’m also blogging for AOL’s Style Spotter! See even more celebrity looks for less here!

6 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Meagan Good’s Gold Strappy Sandals, Garcelle’s Off the Shoulder Top, and Five Party Dresses under $100!”

  1. Belinda-

    Girl, I feel your pain. I am also a beautiful amazon who loves clothes. Alloy.com has longer inseams (37″) in pants and jeans. Banana Republic, Old Navy, and The Gap offers a tall collection on their respective sites.
    Searchbyinseam.com is also a great site that will save you time on searching all over the world wide web. You can search for pants, jeans, leisurewear, etc. by inseams (from extremely short to extremely tall).

    Yours in Height
    AshKash B’Gash

  2. I want to find the earrings seen at birthday video of Twista!!! i luv them but is hard to find that tipe of earrings!

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