Happy Friday! I have a ton of errands to run, so we’ll make Mail Bombs quick!


Let’s go!

First Ashley says, “I recently saw a picture of Ashanti doing a press conference for her upcoming role in the off-Broadway version of The Wiz.


“…She was wearing a purple and blue dress with metallic peep-toe pumps. I would like to know: who designed her dress?

Adriana says, “Ashanti’s wearing this Zac Posen ombre print silk dress:


“…Get yours for $2,300 online at www.saks.com.

Next, Jamelia from Florida says, “I have a question about the designer of a dress I saw on Jordin Sparks:”


“Can you tell me who makes it? Thanks so much!”

Vuitton found that Jordin is wearing this Bebe Studded Trapunto Strapless Dress:


Unfortunately the dress is sold out online, but check at your local Bebe store to see if they have a few in stock.

Keisha says, “I absolutely love this necklace Jennifer Hudson is wearing!


“… Where can I find it or something very close to it?

The covergirl’s jewelry is undoubtedly tres expensive, so I found you a few looks for less (plus one splurge!):

Joyce from Paris (what what!) says, “I saw this jumpsuit on Ciara and Kim Kardashian and fell in love with it:”


“Can you tell me where I can find cheaper alternatives?”
While Kim and Ciara paid $2,245 for this Stella McCartney Backless Jumpsuit, you can get a similar silhouette for less in a few different colors:

In a wardrobe query Christine says, “I’ll be attending a semi-formal and a black and white party in the same night! I’m a college senior and really want to go out with a bang this year. I’m hoping to find something that’s still appropriate for my semi-formal but also something hot for that night (I won’t really have much time to change clothes). Any ideas?”
We found you a variety of options at different price points to fit the themes of your big night:

Lastly, Ka’Lan says, “I’m looking for a pair of black ankle strap heels,…the closest thing I’ve seen are on a model for the Forever 21 site.”


“…I’m really hoping you could find a pair for me, or a cheap alternative.”
Sure! Adriana found you these options:

Hope you like ’em!
It’s a long weekend here in Paris and I have a friend coming to visit! Let me dust my walking shoes off…the Louvre is killer!
Have amazing weekends and stay tuned next week for a slew of celeb interviews!

2 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Ashanti’s Ombre Zac Posen Dress, Jordin Sparks’ Bebe Strapless, and Jennifer Hudson’s Multistrand Necklace!”

  1. So, looking at the necklace that Jennifer Hudson is wearing, you can actually make one just like it! Are you handy with safety pins, string/wire and large clear beads? That’s really all it is!!! The lower string/wire would have to have more beads inbetween the safety pins than the top string in order to have it longer and create the right shape. You could even use any kind of bead you want (as long as you can thread it on the safety pin!!! Nothing is cooler than making your own fashion, or making other people’s ideas your own!!

  2. Thanks Fashioninja! I didn’t think to dissect the necklace to its parts, but you are right, I could do that myself! Thanks again!

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