I’m back in Paris! I’m tres jet lagged, but the Fashion Bomb train never stops!


Let’s solve a few Mail Bombs!

First Dee says, “Could you help me find these shoes that Adrienne Bailon is wearing in this picture?


“…I’ve been searching high and low for them!! Who’s the designer?
Adriana says, “Adrienne’s boots are from Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall 2008 collection and retail for $1,395.


“.… Visit YSL.com for store locations.

Next Ebony says, “I really love the cardigan vest Rachel Bilson is wearing...”


“…Can you help me locate it?

We couldn’t find the exact item, but you can get a similar look with these affordable substitutes:


1.Arden B Boucle Sweater Vest, $38. 2. Rachel Pally Short Sleeve Jacket, $114. 3. Mossimo Black Shawl Cardigan, $30. 4. Kenneth Cole Exaggerated Shawl Wrap Cardigan, $95.

Leah from Chicago says, “I have a bit of a handbag emergency. I was on YBF and saw a pic of Halle Berry with this lovely Coach bag.”

“… I’ve searched and have not been able to find it. Please assist me in locating this beautiful bag?
Hey Leah! Halley is wearing Coach’s Leather Editorial Zoe (Style No. 12664) from last fall. It’s no longer in stores, but is available online for $658 in brown patent:


If that version doesn’t work for you, call Coach’s customer service line at 1-888-262-6224 and see if the bag is available to order from their warehouse. I hope you find it!
Now for some wardrobe queries!

Tracy says, “I am going to Miami for Spring Break!”


“…It’s my last year so I want to go out with a bang. BUT, I am a college student on a budget. I’m very curvy, but I like tight and short dresses. Can you please help me find some cute and cheap (and a little slutty) looks for Miami? ;)
Here are a few saucy picks under $100 that will take you from the beach to the club:


1. American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Strapless Ruched Dress, $36. 2. Strapless Knee Length Leopard Dress, $23. 3. Frenzi One Shoulder Mini Dress Gray, $64. 4. Kiki Party Dress, $60. 5. Tribal Bead Shirred Dress, $68.

For more options, I’d go to slinky dress staples like American Apparel, Arden B, Guess, and Forever 21.

Lastly Fatimah says, “I bought this dress from Pieces Boutique (Big up to FB for giving me the lowdown- the place is wicked), and as you can see from the pictures the back is very open and very sexy.


“…I want to take it with me to Barbados next month but as a big-breasted woman I cannot go bra-less. Can I wear a pretty bra, a la Carrie Bradshaw, that will definitely show but also match the outfit on a night out? Suggestions and alternatives are welcome, thanks!

Snaps to you Fatimah for embracing all sorts of wardrobe silhouettes, regardless of your cup size! I personally am full busted and avoid anything backless like the plague. Why? A bra is definitely necessary, yet a bra strap showing a la Carrie is just not cute (in my opinion). Thankfully there are quite a few ‘backless’ bras on the market: corsets with low backs, bras with whisper thin back straps, and other contraptions to give you the backless look along with lots of support:


1. Splendour New Diamante Backless Bra, $55. 2. Maidenform Breakthrough Backless Underwire Bra, $28. 3. Ultimo D-G Collection Low Back Strapless Bra, $70. 4. Victoria’s Secret 100 Way Bra, $50.

The Splendour New Diamante Backless Bra has two string of crystals as the back strap. Love!

I’m pooped! I’m going to sleep, but will be back soon with fashion, news, and other fun what nots.