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Let’s mail bomb it up!
So readers loved Beyonce’s bold red and purple ensemble from this picture posted yesterday….
…Najah said, “Do you know where I can get this look?”
With Beyonce’s couture it’s hard to find an exact copy, but I felt the following high and low items could help you channel Beyonce’s essence:

Top Row: Calypso Christian Celle Edie Dress, $45, www.calyso-celle.com; Enzo Angiolini Women’s Vikky Ankle Strap Sandal, $70, www.endless.com.
Middle: Keep Together Belt, $68, www.kennethcole.com
Bottom Row: Giambatista Valli Velvet Platform Ankle-Wrap Heels, $775, www.ronherman.com; Portolano Aubergine Leather Suede Inset Gloves, $78, www.bluefly.com.
Update! Reader Kristin from Chicago found a dress that is almost an exact match!

She says, “I just so happened to be web-shopping and found a dress that is very similar for under $50. It can be found on Chadwicks and comes in cinnamon and aubergine (purple). It’s on sale for $39.99.”
That works! Get it here.
Next, Shekeidra says, “I am desparately searching for a gold sequin mini dress or tunic to wear on New Year’s Eve. This dress...”
“….is perfect but I don’t know where to find it. Plus, I’m trying to stay away from spaghetti straps. Considering I’ll only be wearing this once, I really don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Your help would be graciously appreciated…”
Hey Shekeidra! Finding a great sequined dress with wide straps or sleeves shouldn’t be hard. Try these affordable options:

Left to Right: Nine West Sleeveless Gold Sequined Dress, $85, www.macys.com; Sequin V-Neck Dress, $198, www.ardenb.com; Scoop Back Scallop Sequin Dress, $85, www.asos.com.

Reader Khalilah comes to us with a men’s fashion query. She says, “My boyfriend recently started experimenting with wearing scarves and I’d like to encourage his new found fashion fearlessness. However, I don’t know what type of scarves are male friendly or where to get really fashionable ones (that are also affordable). Any ideas?”
For how to rock the male scarf, one need look no further than super stylish GQ man of the year Kanye West.
Whether he’s wearing Louis Vuitton logo scarves in black or white…
…experimenting with skulls….
…or playing with more traditional patterns…
He always manages to look super chic and masculine rocking a neck tie.
If your man isn’t quite as bold, he can go the route of Jay-Z or Swizz Beatz…
…wearing a plain black and white design.
If you’re looking for a few well priced options, I’ve got you covered:

Top Row: Diesel Piramyd Scarf, $50, www.urbn.com; Libertines Check Scarf, $22, www.asos.com.
Bottom Row: Checkerboard Scarf, $15, www.asos.com; Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, $295, www.barneys.com.

Sounds like a great holiday gift!
Fatimah from Toronto says, “I recently bought a very serious vintage mink stole and I’m dying to wear it sometime this holiday season…
“… What’s the best way to rock it?”
Fur–whether it’s a jacket, vest, or full length coat–is surprisingly versatile and looks great with virtually anything.
Throw your fur over a short or long dress like Nicole Richie or Eve….
Or go a bit more casual like Kimora…
Honestly, anyway you slice it, you’ll look luxurious.
Lastly, Fashion Bomb devotee Niesha loved Real Style! She says, “I fell in love with the coat that the young lady was wearing in the picture that was posted on Monday...”
“… I NEED that coat in to my wardrobe right now. Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find THAT COAT!”
I got in touch with the young lady in the picture, and she disclosed, “I got it in a small boutique in the Manhattan Mall on 34th street. The store’s on the lower level… I forgot the name of the store but once you’re downstairs, you can’ t miss it. I am surprised at the fan club, lol!
You shouldn’t be surprised, your coat is hot! Anyway, I searched online and couldn’t find anything similar, so, Nieisha find your way to the Manhattan Mall!
Good luck!
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*Lil sis Solange Knowles rocked bright purple tights and checkered shoes last night at People’s Grammy Kick off Party:
I’ll be totally honest with you: I wore bright purple tights (from American Apparel) with my favorite black sweaterdress yesterday. But while I thought I looked pretty fly, Solange looks just a little off, am I right? Or is it the shoes??