Happy Monday!
Christmas is so close, I can taste it. Cannot wait for vacay!
So I’ve been making my holiday party rounds, and went to a hot one this past Friday. I couldn’t help but snap a picture of this young lady….


…who was seriously working a pair of shiny gold lamé tights.
She was bold enough to take a trend straight off the runway….
…and make it hers with the addition of a bright blue H&M top, neon nails, and booties. I applaud her courage, but what do you think:
Does she have great style?

Fashion, New and What Nots

*Could Kerry Washington win a ‘Fashionista of the Year’ Award???
It seems like every week she’s wearing some amazing cocktail, fierce shoes, and looking fabulous! She wore this sparkly number to the 7th annual Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards. It’s a bit daring, but it works, no? I love the rainbow sequins and the pop of blue shoes. Fire!

*Turns out our Real Style subject today is an accomplished filmmaker. Check out her site, www.nikyatu.com.
*Get her tights from good ol American Apparel….

This pair is $40.
* For my NYC Fashionista’s, Diane Von Furstenberg’s epic Sample Sale starts today!!!
I’d normally be the first in line, but my credit cards might spontaneously combust if I charge another thing! So you’ll have to hit it up…tell me how it is. I seriously do live vicariously through others (even with shopping)…

6 thoughts on “Real Style: Holiday Party”

  1. I think she is daring and bold. I’m on the fence but everything matches. Earrings with leggings, leggings with sole of boots…. it works for her. Me I just stick to the black lame leggings

  2. I’m a long time lurker of this blog and I absolutely love reading your excerpts on all things fashion even though I don’t consider myself a fashonista in the slightest. I just want to tell you that I work very near to the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale and the line wsa down the block and around the corner. This was at 1o’clock in the afternoon when I went out to get my lunch. I would have certainly taken a peek if the line wasn’t so long. Oh well.

  3. I love Nik’s style. I always wonder if I could pull something off like that, but I do know she’s working those tights!

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