*At a loss for words? Wear your emotions on your ring with three finger dazzlers by Fashion Bomb sponsor Melody Ehsani:

Rihanna Solange Melody Ehsani

…get Solange’s Love ring for $25…
…or customize your own creation (like Rihanna) for $48. Now didn’t I tell you Melody Ehsani was the ish? Visit her online boutique here.
*For my NYC Heads, the Hermes Sample Sale starts today!!!
Make your way to the 4th floor of Metropolitan Pavilion ( 123 West 18th Street) today from 10am – 6pm; Thurs, 10am – 8pm; Fri, 10am – 6pm; Sat, 10am – 6pm, and Sun, 10am – 6pm. Play nice! As an aside, I’m sure if Hermes saw that picture of Pharrell with his Birkins they’d release a statement like, “Um, we didn’t intend for ‘rappers’ to rock our stuff.” But hey, we gotta stay fly!
*If you don’t have the bling for a Beyonce Chanel Resort Jacket
…hop on over to J.Crew, where you can get this Metallic Boucle Clea Jacket
..for $300. Hmh, I wonder if they meant to call it ‘Metallic Boucle Chanel Jacket?”
*Ridiculously high heels at the Prada Spring/Summer show in Milan caused many models to hit the catwalk–literally:

Check out the video: