*At a loss for words? Wear your emotions on your ring with three finger dazzlers by Fashion Bomb sponsor Melody Ehsani:

Rihanna Solange Melody Ehsani

…get Solange’s Love ring for $25…
…or customize your own creation (like Rihanna) for $48. Now didn’t I tell you Melody Ehsani was the ish? Visit her online boutique here.
*For my NYC Heads, the Hermes Sample Sale starts today!!!
Make your way to the 4th floor of Metropolitan Pavilion ( 123 West 18th Street) today from 10am – 6pm; Thurs, 10am – 8pm; Fri, 10am – 6pm; Sat, 10am – 6pm, and Sun, 10am – 6pm. Play nice! As an aside, I’m sure if Hermes saw that picture of Pharrell with his Birkins they’d release a statement like, “Um, we didn’t intend for ‘rappers’ to rock our stuff.” But hey, we gotta stay fly!
*If you don’t have the bling for a Beyonce Chanel Resort Jacket

…hop on over to J.Crew, where you can get this Metallic Boucle Clea Jacket
..for $300. Hmh, I wonder if they meant to call it ‘Metallic Boucle Chanel Jacket?”
*Ridiculously high heels at the Prada Spring/Summer show in Milan caused many models to hit the catwalk–literally:

Check out the video:


6 thoughts on “Knuckle Rings + NYC Hermes Sample Sale!”

  1. Those shoes did look cute, but platforms are not only impractical, but ridiculous-looking as well. Why do it?

  2. Having these models wear these ridiculously high heels is insane! Thats very impractical!! How many women do you see walking around in those extra tall heels on your average day? They need to cut that out. Seriously.

  3. The Beyonce outfit is not flattering at all. Maybe it’s the color or maybe just the shape of the jacket, I can’t tell but it looks matronly…

  4. Uh actually those bags were custom and Pharrell is a year o year front row staple at the HERMES show. Therefore you should probably check up on who’s really important in fashion before you decide to blog on things you have no idea about.

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