Keke Palmer posed for a photoshoot, shot by photographer Peggy, wearing a white wool blazer by Annakiki. The blazer was worn as a dress that fell mid thigh on the young actress. The sleeves on the blazer are accented with wool from the shoulders to the wrist, giving a fringe like effect and adding volume to the ensemble.

She paired it with earrings featuring photos of victims of police brutality such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The dangling picture frame like earrings were inspired by designer Beads Byaree, a designer featured in our 2nd list of 100 Black Designers You Should Know. She was styled by Mikiel Benyamin.

Original earrings by Beads Byaree

Keke is no stranger when it comes to speaking her mind about political views. In this case she did it with fashion and looked amazing while doing so don’t you think?