Fashionista dispatches that there is an open intern position at Lucky Magazine:


Send your cover letter + resume to

Also, intern hopeful Polly recently sent me the following:

“I was wondering what an intern would do because I want to work in the fashion industry when I’m a bit older. How old do you have to be? Is there anything that I would need to help me get into fashion?”

Internships are typically reserved for college students or recent college graduates, and you can secure one by communicating your interest, enthusiasm, and experience (attach examples of your writing from your college newspaper for example). Once you have your internship, tasks vary depending on the publication, but count on doing lots of grunt work. At my first internship, I was the fashion and beauty intern, so was in charge of calling in and returning clothing samples (magazines use these in their beautiful spreads), keeping them in order, and fact checking (i.e. getting the correct price for a skirt).

Some internships are super hands on–at the end of my first internship I was writing features– but others are largely administrative…I remember spending one summer handing out office faxes and opening mail!

Wherever you land, a few tips:

*Always be early. At least be on time. Stay fifteen minutes late. Don’t take the opportunity for granted or act as if you’re already on staff. Every editor at every magazine was an intern at one point, and they pay careful attention to who really wants to be there. Being on time is the least you can do!

*Use the opportunity to meet editors. Don’t bug them or plop in their office every day, but during your 3-6 month stint, coordinate at least three lunches or meetings with editors you admire. If they don’t have time, e-mail and ask if there’s anything you can do for them. If they say yes, do the best job you can!

*Don’t get too chummy –be polite, competent, and enthusiastic. Don’t yap away with the fashion editor or call anyone a nickname unless you’re 100% sure you can. Don’t get too comfortable: An internship is a try out to see if you can fit in! Along with that comes proper respect and deference to your superiors. This even counts for ‘superiors’ who might be just a couple years older than you.

*Suggest great ideas. Do your homework and pitch interesting new features or articles. Research and make sure not to suggest stories the magazine has done recently. Be open to criticism and don’t get discouraged if you hear ‘no.’

*Don’t turn you nose away from doing grunt work. Every editor had to do it once upon a time, so get that coffee with gusto! Also don’t complain. Be cheery, then go home and complain to your friends!

Done correctly, an internship can result in a job or an offer for another internship. If anything, you’ll leave with a Rolodex full of great contacts and amazing references!

My fellow magazine people, do you have anything to add?