Designer Rachel Roy is known for taking fashion risks, and last night was no exception as she chose to wear a pair of gold harem pants to the premiere of Valentino’s documentary, “The Last Emperor”:


The silhouette is hard to pull off even in black, but Roy pushed the envelope by donning a glittery pair.

What do you think? Hot or Hmm….?

*If you love ’em, get a similar look with these $172 Zimmerman Emmeline Diamond Harem Pants:


12 thoughts on “Hot or Hmm..:Rachel Roy’s Gold Harem Pants”

  1. Its definitely a Hmmmm…. I do like these new Harem pants but I don’t think its supposed to be worn with such a large jacket or maybe no jacket at all. The color and fabric of the pants are nice but Rachel needs to try again!

    Has anyone noticed that her outfits are always one step from being great?

  2. I agree, I’m thinking HMMM. Rachel normally looks OK but this is just not the way I envisioned Harem pants being worn.

    It’s almost like she stopped caring how she looks when she leaves the house now.

  3. I think it works. It looks elegant which is hard to pull off. She chose to tone down the accessories and I like the gold with the white. Not many could pull that off.

  4. Rachael always seems to wear clothes that are too big for her. I heart harem pants. Does anyone know where I can get a pair in a petite size? The regular sizes are too big and/or look silly.

  5. I think RR looks hot! She can totally pull off the look and make it look easy. Maybe because she’s so small. Sometimes I’m convinced, as long as your a size 0-2 and fit, you can make a potato sack look good : /

  6. I like the pants and the T but the vest is a no no. In regards to where to find them: ZARA has some for sure. H&M used to have them 3years ago. Those pants were a hit in Europe 3 years ago you could even find them on the “market” for 10 Euros.

  7. I had a pair of Harem pants that I bought from H&M 3 years ago I absolutely adored them…the sad thing is that I can not find them…however as far as Rachel is concerned it’s like no one ever told her about the “loose to fit” ratio: which means if one item is loose and baggy then the other item needs to be tight and right…it’s all about having the proper porportions!

  8. The harem pants are hot. I love the color, and I agree it looks great with white… Now on the other hand i dont think the pants look great on her, she is way to thin. Although im not so mad at the blazer with it, it could have been alot smaller though. and i think if she would have had the hair a little funky, it would have jazzed the outfit up a bit..she looks a bit awkward….

  9. okay, as i take a second look…hmmm….bottom half as in shoes and harem pants hot! top half not so hot, I just dont think it when you wear something as jazzy as those harem pants, everything about them to me screams jazzy the color from the material, why throw such a washed out khaki blazer that fits so loosley with it!!!! and the shoes are great..I would have worn the hair totally different..i would have taken a totally different approach period!!!

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