A night in can be just as great as a night out, and why shouldn’t it be? When it’s getting colder and the nights start creeping in, it can seriously put you off going out for the night and make you want to stay in, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time and make a memorable evening of it with your friends! There are plenty of things you can do on a night-in to make it just as fun as a night on the town, you’ll just be much warmer! 

Invite your Friends Over

Make it an occasion. If you want to, dress up to the nines with your friends and it won’t just feel like any other hang out session. Instead, it’ll feel like an event because that’s what it is. 

Cook Dinner

Even if you don’t want your night in to be a dinner party, cooking a homemade meal for your friends is a great way to show them you love them, and it’s much healthier than takeout. You could even invite a few of your best cook friends over earlier to get them to help you with the preparation. It doesn’t have to be 5-star standard food, however, as home comforts go a long way. 

Bring out the Wine

Wine is essential for a night in! Get out your best wine glasses and cheers to your fantastic friends. Wine Gift Baskets are a great way to stock up for the evening with delicious wine. There won’t be a drop left afterward, but that just shows how good the wine is, and how much of a great time you’re having. 

Play Party Games

After you’ve all eaten well, you’ll want to have some entertainment to laugh the night away. Classic party games are a real winner and staple for having a great night in. You could play some beer pong if you feel like reminiscing on all your college days or create something entirely new to remember your night by.

Have Enough Seating

Sitting on the floor is fine for a college party, but when you’re past that, your guests will want something firm to sit on. If you have any spare chairs out in the garage or in storage, bring them out so that all of your guests will feel welcome and don’t end up perching on the edge of seats. They’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed, so you can all have a great time.

Set a Time

When you go out for the evening, you would usually set a time to meet, and a night in shouldn’t be any different. If you plan to have dinner ready for a certain time, tell your guests to arrive around then. You don’t want to be too vague and have people turning up when the food’s gone cold. 

A night in can be a wonderful way to spend precious time with your friends, whether you decide to go classy or comfortable, you’ll have a night to remember!