When choosing hair accessories, it can be difficult to know where to start! There are many different types of hair accessory, styles and sizes. This guide will help you to choose which hair accessories will suit your hair type most, based on the thickness, length and texture of your hair.

Thick Hair 

It can be rather challenging when trying to find hair accessories for thick hair and sometimes overwhelming to know what to look for. 

Firstly you need something durable and fairly robust to hold the weight of the hair. Larger sized hair claws and any hair claws that generally have more space inside the clip tend to work best. However, don’t be put off by medium sized hair claws; as long as they have long teeth on them to catch all of the hair these can work just as well. 

If you’re looking to create an effortless elegant updo, a French pleat hair comb is a fantastic way of achieving this look. Combs with wider spacing between the teeth are better suited for thick hair as they allow for larger sections of hair throughout the teeth of the comb. 

Barrette Clips are extremely versatile as you can create many different looks including, a French twist/chignon, a low ponytail and even a half up style. Barrette clips that feature large, arched shaped clasps work most effectively in thicker hair as they have a greater depth inside the clip, therefore, they allow for more space to hold the hair. 

Fine Hair

If you have finer hair try to avoid wearing heavy clips as these can drag on the hair and weigh it down. It is best to opt for smaller, lightweight clips. 

When looking for the perfect hair claw for long, fine hair opt for a clip that is long in length but narrower in width. Try and ensure the teeth of the claws overlap and are very close together to catch all of the fine hairs. 

Trying to get combs to stay put in fine hair can be tricky. The finer your hair, the more teeth you will need to effectively hold it back. Hair combs which have lots of wavy teeth, or teeth which are closely spaced are best for fine hair as there is plenty of grip and less space for the hair to escape. In long hair, go for a longer comb! In shorter hair, or for use as side combs, choose shorter combs. 

Barrettes with less depth, which lay flat against the head, work best in fine hair. However; If you’re wanting to use a barrette clip to create an updo, or if you have long or lots of fine hair, you may need an arched barrette clip for this to hold all of the hair. 

Medium Weight Hair

People with medium weight hair have it much easier as lots of things will suit! Medium size claws and combs are likely to work well, just adjust the size based on the length of your hair. 

Arched barrettes are likely to work best for holding all of the hair, but to hold smaller sections, flat barrettes are preferable.

Combs with alternating straight and wavy teeth are the perfect choice for medium hair, as the wavy teeth will grip the hair in place, whilst the straight teeth allow extra room for lots of hair.

Short Hair

For the ultimate low maintenance style update, headbands are a fabulous choice for short hair. Both narrow and wide headbands compliment most short hair styles. Headscarves are another brilliant alternative to headbands and are great at keeping your locks under control. 

Small hair slides and tiny hair claws are a brilliant way for decorating shorter hair and even adding a touch of sparkle! A useful way of securing heavier hair ornaments in shorter hair is to backcomb a section of the hair, place two kirby grips in a cross formation where you wish to place it and then grip the ornament on to the kirby grips as opposed to the hair to hold it firmly in place.

Straight or Slippery Hair

Many people with straight hair struggle to find hair accessories to stay in their hair as sometimes it can be very silky or slippery. Choosing accessories that work for your hair weight is still important but there are a few things you can do to help them stay securely in place for longer.

When looking for hair claws try and ensure that the claw has overlapping teeth to help grip the hair firmly in place. Again, similar to fine hair, opt for combs with waved teeth, or teeth that are set closer together on the comb to hold it in place. 

You could also think about using texturising spray, mousse or hairspray to add some grip to your hair. Just be sure to apply this before securing your accessory so you don’t damage it! 

Wavy, Curly & Textured Hair

The best hair accessories for wavy, curly and textured hair are similar to thick hair, products with long teeth and lots of space inside.

Chignon pins are an excellent option too as textured hair keeps them in place and you can add as many as you like to secure the hair. Chignon pins with a straight or waved centre both work just as well as each other. 

Pelicans Clips are also a great choice. Look for beak clips with a curve or a larger mechanism to secure the hair in an updo for a more relaxed look.